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what has this to do with A Dog's Purpose?

Had UC been rolled out in 2016?
Probably means the woman is a 'dog' ....
It has nothing to do with a comedy film, which is again the banal reason behind these thread titles.
// Are Universal Credits to blame? //
no I feel the angst over Brexit
and hate crime by immigrants is the root cause
Stop being silly JJ. It's frowned upon.
"Kelly Martin, an alcoholic,"
I'd assume she was pizzed out of her head and so not able to judge & control her actions. I'd doubt UCs are the cause. Alcoholics find the money regardless. She needs drying out and given a desire to stay off the wagon.

What a stupid thread title, given the subject matter.
Don't fret Baldric it's posted in News which seems to be used for all sorts of rubbish lately.
How about hung, drawn and quartered....?

Nah, two days in the Grays town stocks should do it....can I have the supply agreement on old fruit and veg?
Just-Jude - If you read your own link, you will see that this woman is an alcoholic with mental health problems, logic suggests you look there as the root cause of her behaviour, rather then the benefits system.
Where does it say she's a 'chav'?
JJ, if you want an update on your last year's news story, she was sentenced to seven months and swore and shouted as she was led away.
Jude is looking for a reaction as per usual.
Jude getting a reaction, as usual. :-)
The woman is obviously mentally ill.
And has nothing to do with Universal Credits.

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A Dog's Purpose.

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