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mikey4444 | 08:22 Mon 17th Jul 2017 | News
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Things have been very quite of late in this case. Does anyone know if the landfill site is still being excavated ?


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I think it is still being searched, it's near me and it is HUGE !
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Eddie....keep is informed, if you can !
It is and the latest is the mother thinks his drink was spiked which apparently gave him a large appetite (hence why he bought so much food).
Though now the general public are beginning to question if so much public money would have been spent on the search for an adult if his mother had not been a serving police officer!
What " general public" is that Islay ?
The general public that made comments on the 2 internet news sources I read the day before yesterday Annea!!
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The family of this chap deserve every effort to be made, in order the solve the mystery of his disappearance, considering the complete balls-up that the authorities made of the investigation, right from the start.
I'm beginning to think he was murdered and only his mobile phone was in the bin lorry. That would explain a lot.
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Eddie.....The evidence of the CCTV is that he walked into the bin area behind the shops, but was never seen to leave this area.

If this is to be accepted, and there is no reason to think it shouldn't be believed, then he must have left the area concealed on some way.

Its now nearly a year since he disappeared.
Time to stop the search, but accept that he is dead and in there somewhere.
^ Yes I've seen the video. I even know the area, Saffron Walden is only 13 miles from me.
I thought it was in Bury St Edmunds Eddie.
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Hoppy....there may come a time for that, but I think its best to wait until the search of the landfill site is complete first......its still the most logical answer to his disappearance.

Nobody has yet produced a better scenario. If the Police had taken this issue seriously last autumn, I am convinced that he would have been found by now.
I still maintain he did a disappearing act.
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NoMercy....what evidence is there for that ?
What evidence is there to the contrary?

He's a known attention seeker who's disappeared without trace.
If we accept the CCTV evidence that he walked into the bin area and met an untimely death, why is there no CCTV evidence of other people entering and leaving this area?

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