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Search For Missing Raf Man Corrie Widened

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naomi24 | 08:07 Mon 03rd Oct 2016 | News
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//Police have widened the search for a missing RAF serviceman amid fears he may have been kidnapped. …Corrie McKeague - based at RAF Honington - was last seen in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, over a week ago….. Bury St Edmunds is about 30 miles from RAF Marham, where two men of middle eastern appearance tried to kidnap an RAF serviceman in July. Chief Inspector Steve Denham said: "This behaviour is totally out of character for Corrie and we are very concerned for his welfare.//

Let’s hope he turns up safe and well.


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Yes let us all hope so Naomi, I can only imagine the trauma his family is going through at this time.

I had been following this story naomi but wasn't able to find too much info - thought it was very strange from the onset - terrible situation for him and his family and can only pray it has a successful outcome. thank you for the update.
Not heard of this, do hope he's well, but it doesn't sound good does it.
// A spokesman for Suffolk police said the two incidents were different, and the possibility that McKeague had been kidnapped “has never been a main line of inquiry”.

He said the force was concerned about McKeague’s welfare, but there was no evidence of foul play. “The most likely scenario is that he has been for a night out, he’s had a bit to drink and he’s attempted to walk back [to the base]. That is the working theory – obviously we keep an open mind to every possibility.”

The spokesman added: “The incident in RAF Marham where [the serviceman] was out jogging in the vicinity of the base was a totally different circumstance.” //
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Gromit, where did that come from? I can't see it in my link.
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Hope he is found safe and unharmed.
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I used to know that area quite well, sticking to the roads it must be about 10 maybe 12 miles.
Large parts of it are very rural, no pavements etc, if he had been hit by a car he could be anywhere on route, possibly in a ditch, although I'd have thought the Police would have checked that.
It's also possible that someone with a bit of local knowledge, and a drink on board, may have decided to cut the corners and go cross-country and if that's the case that's one heck of a large search area, where do you start?
it's terribly worrying. I do hope it has a good outcome, although it doesn't look as thought it will. I think the likelihood of him going off the road into fields and getting lost, is, sadly, all too possible.

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Search For Missing Raf Man Corrie Widened

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