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Wasn't it said in the context that they were overpaid relative to private sector workers on a like for like basis when employer pension contributions were taken into account ?
I couldn't live in Central London on £500 a week, so I would certainly look to live somewhere else if I could only find work paying £297 a week
Question Author
FF....that is as maybe, but its still less than £300 a week. Anybody living within commuting distance Barts would probably pay that in rent alone.

These people have only had an annual 1% pay rise since 2010....effectively a pay cut, year in, year out.

We are all in this together don't forget.
So how much do you think a cleaner like this should be paid, mikey £300? 320? 400?
Was that figure net or gross by the way?
Question Author ( I think ) Not much, if any tax to pay.

Not sure what the pay should be but obviously more than this pittance.
I think you'll find many working as cleaners, kitchen staff etc in hotels and in private sector also get paid a similar pittance. Yes, in an ideal world everyone would be paid enough to live comfortable in the most expensive part of the country, provided the rest are happy to subsidise it
Well, there you have been it PSW. You're overpaid , strong and stable ;-(
Question Author
Its worth remembering, that without the minimum wage legislation, brought in, in 1999, these workers would probably get paid even less.
He said taking into consideration the pension that public sector workers get - but I pay for my pension it is not a huge pension that everyone thinks it will be and I will have paid into it for 40 years when I retire!
I have not had a proper payrise in 10 years and this years one is £2 a month!
So yes Philip Hammond how much was your payrise last year?
It is always difficult to know what one means by overpaid and also the oft used term "they deserve more."
To me overpaid means that your employer cannot afford to pay you any more as if they did, the company would go out of business, more so with small businesses. The public sector has the backing of the unions and any dispute is soon and easily settled and the tax payer picks up the tab. This can't happen in the private sector. performance related pay is an anathema in the the public sector but performance and competition is all important in the private sector.....these are just general points that i am making.
Yes.......generally speaking i would agree with Hammond, particularly in the NHS, using the phrase " overpaid"......I agree they are, due mainly to unrealistic awards in the past over a period of almost half a century.
Arent MPs technically public sector workers - if so I agree they are overpaid. What makes a train driver think they are worth 4 times what a junior nurse or prison officer?
Question Author
Islay....even if Hammond's pay rise was also only 1%, it will be hugely more in money terms than the cleaners at Barts.
I know I seem to remember that MP's got 12% payrise which is silly considering that they are really public sector workers too!
I heard on the news earlier, that Mr Hammond receives £10k a month from tenants who rent properties he owns.
Not a balanced report mind you, cos there was no mention if these properties are owned outright or are mortgaged up to the hilt.
Am not defending him, just mentioning in passing.
(Can't stand him)

"What makes a train driver think they are worth 4 times what a junior nurse or prison officer?"...the train driver probably doesn't, but his Union does and in the UK....a democracy....he gets his pay rise and the tax payer "cough's up".
Question Author
Morning Sqad !

" any dispute is soon and easily settled"

You seem to have forgotten the war of attrition that was fought between Junior Doctors and Jeremy Hunt. That went on for years.

According to McDonnell, the workers at Barts were asking for a very modest 3% payrise. If these workers are on the NMW of £7:50 an hour, that 3% would only mean an extra 23p an hour.

If any of those workers were 20 years of age, the NMW would only be £7:05 an hours.

Its 2017 and we are talking about wages paid in Central London.
Question Author
Let me gently steer this debate back to the cleaners at Barts, not train drivers or MPs !
McDonnell didn't say whether his woman was single or married, or whether she has children. Also we don't know if she gets any working tax credits or child tax credits or child benefit. Until we know the full story, we can't really comment.
Sorry 'this' ^^
Morning mikey.
"You seem to have forgotten the war of attrition that was fought between Junior Doctors and Jeremy Hunt."

LOL..How could i forget? You slated J.Hunt daily for weeks and i defended him...remember? Yous suggested that he should resign. What happened....due to the fact that Labour were not negotiating, Hunt won the day and the doctors backed down, hence avoiding more overspend on a depleted NHS which was my definition of overpaid as stated in my previous post.
I couldn't live on the minimum wage either in London or anywhere...I need my big car, my holidays, my food and good wine, my villa and swimming pool and my wife needs her shopping trips with overnight stays in hotel suits....but I don't have to as i have made provisions for my retirement, based on working hard all my life. Many other people work hard but in occupations that tend to to be difficult to enrol and require little or no training.
There is an argument for everybody having the same wage....surgeon at Barts equal to toilet cleaner at Barts and you could argue as to which one was overpaid.
it is a difficult problem which needs plain speaking.

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