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What Now For The UK?

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AB Editor | 09:10 Fri 09th Jun 2017 | News
98 Answers

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What would you like to happen next?

  • Tory minority government - 44 votes
  • 40%
  • Progressive coalition government - 21 votes
  • 19%
  • Tory coalition government - 20 votes
  • 18%
  • Immediate calling of a general election - 15 votes
  • 14%
  • Other! (I'll answer below) - 10 votes
  • 9%

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Become the 51st state of the US please.
Question Author
Naturally, there are other options - including who might lead any of these configurations.
enter Boris, stage left.
Question Author
Sadly a possibility.
Sadly, it's a sad situation.
Surely the tories have had enough comedy for a while and Boris has already shown a distinct lack of testicular fortitude.

Talks a great game but in the end he's just a self interested clown.
I can't see how May is going to continue.

She was right in one of the things that she said.....Britain DOES need a stable Government, and a hung Parliament is about as far from that ideal as its possible to get.

So, we are back in 1974 again. She should do the right thing and take a short ride up the Mall.
Hand him the big red nose Theresa.....
Highly likely that another election will be held later this year, but will it finish any differently.
The following BBC link explains, very clearly, what our options are :::
Please no........not Boris he's a liability to Britain .
I think the Irish Conservatives (DUP) will help out but even then it's a wafer thin majority. The last thing we need is a dose of Labourithmetic!
Danny....perhaps not, but under FPTP, we should expect this once in a while.

May is faced with a very hard choice. If she won't resign immediately, then she should try and govern as a minority. But if she can't, then that meeting in Buck House will have to happen.
I think that she should perhaps carry on for a few months and try to convince the voters that she is worth voting for. looks as if that is what she is going to do. But she has to get some legislation through the Commons very quickly, and I can't see how she is going to do that.
In that case it looks like another election in the offing.
You're not serious Danny? She's just made the biggest hash of an election campaign in British political history and you think she can persuade us she's fit to stay as leader! C'mon.
A long shot ZM, but what else could she do?
Question Author
Before the election a few people suggested to me that she might have had a change of heart, a personal crisis of confidence, and decided that losing an election would be in her best interest.
Danny, and others. What May should do is to put the country first, not the Tory Party. Putting her Party first is the reason that she is in the mess she is in today.

She behaved stupidly and now has no credibility left.

She should get in the ministerial Jag and visit Betty, without further delay, other wise Betty might just send a troop of horse to get her !

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What Now For The UK?

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