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What Now For The UK?

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AB Editor | 09:10 Fri 09th Jun 2017 | News
98 Answers

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What would you like to happen next?

  • Tory minority government - 44 votes
  • 40%
  • Progressive coalition government - 21 votes
  • 19%
  • Tory coalition government - 20 votes
  • 18%
  • Immediate calling of a general election - 15 votes
  • 14%
  • Other! (I'll answer below) - 10 votes
  • 9%

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The only reason the Irish cons will help out is so that they can get more money from Westminister to pay for the mess up over heating chicken sheds!!!
That lot needs bucking out too!!
Yes, but I shall have a nice nap this afternoon !
You do mikey, you deserve it for your endearing commitment.
Mrs May will carry on – partly because she believes she is still the best leader, and partly because the rest of her party shows she is correct in that assumption.

There will be a period where both the main parties will claim ‘victory’, when clearly neither of them have it.

Hopefully, Mrs May will learn the valuable lessons from this campaign –
If you make it all about ‘you’, and the people don’t really like ‘you’, then you will fall over on polling day.

If you make the entire campaign about one thing – Brexit – which people are tired of hearing about, you will fall over on polling day.

If you make your campaign via the print press, and ignore social media, your message will fail to reach the vast majority of disenfranchised young people, and you fall over on poling day.
If you bring out a ‘social care tax’ and alienate the vast majority of your core vote, and then backtrack on it, so you look shifty and opportunist, you will fall over on polling day.

If you ignore your opponents’ offer to remove tuition fees, credible or not, you watch the entire student vote shift over to them, then you will fall over on polling day.

And finally, the first point bears repeating, because it is the crux of the result – if you misjudge your own personal appeal, and that of your trumpeted (but yet to be proved) negotiation skills, you will fall over on polling day.

I am in the wrong job, I should be a political analyst.
I am in the wrong job, I should be a political analyst.

Oh dear!!! 'Self phrase is no recommendation'.
I wouldn't like to hazard a guess.
Looks like May is going to carry on, but with her wings well and truly clipped. Maybe now she'll start to recognise the real truth of the referendum result: that the UK is divided, and that coming together means listening to what everyone has to say, rather than telling those who disagree with her to put up and shut up. It will be interesting to see if she actually learns that lesson, although the nature of this new Parliament is that she may have no choice anyway.

Still, I think she and Corbyn, the Tories and Labour, can point to a combined victory of sorts: you have to go back to 1970 before finding a time when the two main parties had this much of the vote between them. Having flirted with other options and been largely disappointed, the British people seem to have given up on the idea of there being a meaningful alternative to the Big Two.

As an aside, apparently turnout amongst younger voters was higher than the national average this time around. Maybe there's another lesson there: keep on telling the young that they're brainwashed lefties who aren't worth taking seriously, and they might just start to believe that.

All young people should be encouraged to vote, after all it's they who will have to bear the brunt of brexit. I wonder if her new bff trump has contacted her yet to commiserate ?
Just heard on the Beeb, that Kensington could well have elected a Labour MP !
The Beeb has confirmed that Kensington now has a Labour MP !
May leading a minority government, it seems.

Although I don't think she's learned a bloody thing. Moron.
Business as usual apparently.
Question Author
From the Beeb at 12:52...

Theresa May says her government will "provide certainty" and work to keep the country "safe and secure".

It does seem that she's trying a different set of words...
She's jumped into bed with the DUP who are now effectively her Kingmakers and have her over a barrel- you only have to listen to the grovelling tone of voice she used when discussing this unholy union with them. Their disgusting anti LGBT stance, the fact they can't even agree amongst themselves most of the time, the creationist oddities they have on board and the fact that the British people have a great mistrust of them means that won't last for long, especially when Mays own people already have their knives out for her, so there will be a brief stint at that followed by another election. Meanwhile Labour have realised that Jeremy Corbyn is anything but unelectable so will largely be behind him, they will have time to mobilise the youth vote, the disaffected OAP vote, the LGBT vote and the pro NHS vote, so come the next election, once the tories rid themselves of May because they won't fight another election with her after all ( September ish perhaps) Labour will have a landslide, because I don't think anyone will touch this poison Tory chalice with a pole, they all want to lead the Tories well after Brexit has gone off or not. Brexit seems increasingly unlikely to ever actually happen. Happy days eh :)
have you ever visited planet earth kvaldir? It's in one of the farthest out reaches of the western spiral arm of the galaxy.
I very much doubt that May's minority government will last five years, which is a pity because that almost inevitably means that she'll be gone before the Brexit negotiations are finished. Or even started.

If only she'd had a clear three years or so to get on with the job, free from the distraction of an unhelpful election...
Yes I have actually TTT, which is why I predicted Labour making ground whilst you arrogantly assumed the populace to be as self serving as the Tories clearly wished they were. If you think May or the Tories will last this out you are utterly delusional, last night changed everything.
Until today, I wonder how many knew anything about the DUP ?

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