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What Now For The UK?

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AB Editor | 09:10 Fri 09th Jun 2017 | News
98 Answers

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What would you like to happen next?

  • Tory minority government - 44 votes
  • 40%
  • Progressive coalition government - 21 votes
  • 19%
  • Tory coalition government - 20 votes
  • 18%
  • Immediate calling of a general election - 15 votes
  • 14%
  • Other! (I'll answer below) - 10 votes
  • 9%

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Mikey, do you honestly believe that another election would finish any differently?
Ed, that certainly seems to be what happened. One minute she was thatcheresque and telling the EU that we were going in hard, and the next she was a shadow of this character.
Danny...its not what I think that counts. May has a constitutional duty to try to form a Government, and if she can't she MUST resign and call an election.

This situation is not entirely unheard of. 2010 was similar in any ways. Betty asked Cameron if he could form a Government and he said he could, and he did, for 5 years.
All rests with the DUP then.
The day May took over she gave a rousing speech full of promises but this last fortnight she's crumbled. I don't see how she can carry on tbh but I can't see her resigning either. And Corbyn did the opposite- he seemed to grow in confidence in the last week. All very odd lol
Smowy....not so odd perhaps. She never looked very confident and the longer the Election campaign went on, the less confident she appeared.

We live in interesting times, that is for sure !
Give JC the keys to No10, let him make a right hash of it with a coalition of chaos. Meanwhile the Tories should dump May and elect a new leader, Davis or Rees Mogg and push for another election next year with a proper costs Manifesto nd be prepared for what they know Corbyn will do and have figures to discredit it.
Mrs May is off to Buck House at 12:30 today.
Yes, it appears she is going to limp on. Let's just hope the Tory's limp on without her though. best guess is that she will fail in her attempt at leading a minority Government, and that she will eventually be "persuaded" by the Men in Grey Suits to fall on her sword. The Tory Party hasn't much of a record when it comes to suffering fools gladly.
Question Author
Rees Mogg! Madness!
I am going to stick my neck out here, and suggest that Rees-Mogg will never lead the Tory Party.

But there again, IDS and Howard did !
If the political IRA took their seats in Parliament, then that would prevent the DUP holding the balance of power.
Good point Gromit. If Sinn Fein took their seats (which they should) it could scupper a DUP-Tory deal. What a mess.
^^ No, it wouldn't.
I think DUP+Tories is still a majority even if Sinn Fein turned up for a change. Obviously a smaller one, but just enough.
Tories 318
DUP 10
Total 328. Do the maths.
Why is Rees Mogg madness? He is at least a proper Tory is very eloquent and as far as I am aware no baggage. He probably wont as he doesnt kow tow to the right people, but there again who thought JC would lead the labour party (and quite successfully)

Pretty big IF Gromit.
She has more of a mandate than Corbyn and a cobbled together coalition. She should proceeed with sorting out the country and Brexit.

It must be just like Christmas morning when you were a kid mikey.

Didn't get to sleep until 4am and yet up again by 9.30am.

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