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Will The Blairites Now Stop Whining And Get Behind Jezza?

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ToraToraTora | 09:16 Fri 09th Jun 2017 | News
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Congrats to Labour and JC a superb unexpected performance. Our own campaign was risible and duly punished by the electorate. I think Mrs May will have to go and we could end up with another election pretty soon. She can do a deal with the DUP but in reality it's a lame duck government. Where do we go from here?


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Who do you suggest to replace Theresa May, Boris Johnson?
There you go TTT, see what you can do when you try, so much more pleasant now that your bubble has burst.
I hope so.
I'm another Tory who thinks she'll have to go and go soon. Boris and a deal with the DUP? Any which way it's a cluster ****
We are Ina parallel universe, aren't we!
Question Author
Danny, the party has a leadership election process, that's how they get new leaders. As for who, cometh the hour cometh the Boris!
TTT I was asking who do you propose should replace Mrs May.
Question Author
no one really emerges for me Danny, it will probably be Boris but I'm not sure that's best. We are short on big hitters these days.
I honestly don't know. I don't think the Blairite objection to Corbyn was ever really about his electability, it was about ideologically objecting to him. It would not surprise me if they try to split.

Re; the Tories, it surely has to be Johnson. Difficult to see how it could be anyone else.
And that's the whole problem with politics for me. No statesmen, no leaders prepared to be brave because they know the press will rip em to shreds.
Boris has been waiting for this situation, since last summer. There are some that will say that if Gove and others had supported him properly last July, Mrs May would never have been PM in the first place.
That was mainly to Tora.
Question Author
as a side issue, congrats on getting your labour MP back mikey.
Very noble of post, TTT. Yes, they should get behind him now they realise that some of his policies, like say re-nationalisation of utilities, don't put off the electorate in the way they feared they would.

As you say, our campaign was risible and the Labour campaign was superb, however, I can't help feeling that a lot of us misjudged the mood of many, and a huge majority was never on the cards.

I don't trust Boris at all so am at a loss to say who should replace Mrs May, Davis perhaps but he doesn't come across as a leader. Ruth Davidson might just have put herself in with a shout.
I agree Mikey.

Johnson has played the long game - even just after the very first exit polls came out last night there were reports that he was already getting things in position.

If the Tories do choose him, Labour will lose out. We'll also end up with a far "softer" Brexit (or, if you're a Brextremist, no Brexit) in the form of EEA membership.
TTT....thanks. I said in 2015, that the Tories had only borrowed Gower for a while and that we would always win it back, And there is now a good majority of 3269.

It looks as if the UKIP vote, together with the LibDems and Plaid Cymru, was split between Labour and the Tories.
No they won't.

Tell me if I'm wrong but wasn't their speculation, not 4 or 5 weeks ago, that Labour might lose all their seats in Wales?

More like the twilight zone than a parallel universe.
Question Author
You have UKIP to thank, both Tory and Labour increased their vote at the expense of UKIP, so it shows that more of the UKIP votes went back to Labour belying the thought that brexiteers tend to be Tory.

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Will The Blairites Now Stop Whining And Get Behind Jezza?

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