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Not in my books.
Cocaine, ecstasy,murder, internal injuries of a sexual nature, suspect fled the scene...........
No, sorry.
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I personally have no problem with MB coming back, as I know how to use a console to switch off or change channels, or a TV guide to take evasive action . Probably unfair of me, but the thing I associate him with is not dodgy pool parties but endless irritating impressions of Basil Fawlty :-)
Other than acting the clown ... what are his 'Talents'?
I've just rechecked talented in my dictionary, so no.
Shame. He used to make me laugh but I could never look at him the same now. It was terrible what happened to that poor young man. My heart goes out to his Father who is still trying to find out the truth.
I quite liked him.
I'm with Sqad, Danny, etc TV is awash with talented people hat don't have his back history.
If he comes back I doubt he'll last long. He seems to me to be a confused and troubled man.

///Barrymore has always maintained his innocence///

'Well he would say that, wouldn't he?'

And as for Talented Entertainer, are you sure you're thiking about the right person?
It won't work, he's had his day and been away far too long. Me and Mum used to love him back in the day, we used to crack up with laughter.
so it's true, the mud does stick? No smoke without fire?
There was a game show he used to do that was really entertaining - he was very good with people. How his star has fallen.
I never found him appealling and, like others, have struggled to determine exactly just what his talents ever were....

I'd be pleased to see his 'reputation' restored if it were found to have been wrongly tarnished but I don't think that necessarily translates into reviving his television career; time moves on and i am not sure there is a place in TV-land anymore.
This post should be under the TV section, or jokes!
Question Author
Can I detect a little homophobia here, surely not?
No. I saw the way he treated Susan Boyle before she was known and it was awful.
In the last few years of his tv career he became spiteful to get a laugh from the audience - he stopped being funny.
Juno the mud that has stuck in people's minds is the cocaine, dodgy parties and such like. As far as I am aware they are facts.

What is not truely know is the circumstances of the mans death.

Other than that as has already been said I agree he has had his day but get him on CBB or IACGMOOH and he may show a different side to him that may allow him Tom re-enter the entertainment world.

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