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Have EU Decided yet?

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AB Editor | 12:36 Tue 21st Jun 2016 | News
58 Answers

This poll is closed.

  • I've decided, and will vote: OUT - 108 votes
  • 46%
  • I've decided, and will vote: IN - 51 votes
  • 22%
  • I've already voted by post: OUT - 41 votes
  • 17%
  • I've already voted by post: IN - 23 votes
  • 10%
  • I will decide in the booth! - 7 votes
  • 3%
  • I don't intend to vote - 5 votes
  • 2%

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Question Author
last one, I promise :)
Out for me still.

I believe in our great Country.
Postal vote Leave
OUT for me. I'm no traitor to Britain. I want what's best for this country, for the future for all and that is NOT staying in the corrupt eu. Even the Guardian editor is voting to Leave.
Postal vote OUT
What youngmafbog said.
Retro, are you still skiving in dock?
I really can't get my head around the contradiction of some peoples mind set. These are just three examples of recent posts by youngmafbog severely criticising our government. The very Government he now wants to give more power to with a 'leave' vote.
"In, out, in, out..." - oh good, another chance to "shake it all about".

"I don't intend to vote" - in this poll, because there's no tick box for "I've decided, and am keeping my decision private".
It's a good thing that AB isn't the wider society in microcosm.
That option would simply be to not comment on the post surely LIK ?
Sandy.......judging by some of the comments on here lately, I heartily agree with you !
Postal vote , done - end of message.

Unless you wish to give away control of the UK to unelected bureaucrats intent on invasion by stealth, vote OUT.
Like all on-line polls, there's a strong bias. Telephone polling is more neutral and the results are very different.....
Zacs - my point was really "Oh, not more ranting - for either side - that's all AB needs". I shan't be bothering to comment further, fear not.

Sorry Ed, but it seemed a tad pointless to me, that's all.
Yes LIK, I too was rather mystified as to another poll's validity given the very vocal opinions already expressed ad-infinitum. Seems like another invitation to a sqabble fest with half baked opinions by the 'overnight political experts'.
Me too Lie-In king.
G'kids completed my vote, as its their future
Question Author
I was hoping to gauge what votes are already in the bag, and give the undecided a chance to express themselves.

I understand that privacy response, it used to be mine!

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