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The European Union: In Or Out?

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AB Editor | 14:24 Mon 25th Apr 2016 | News
249 Answers

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If the EU referendum happened tomorrow, which way would you vote?

  • Out - 208 votes
  • 70%
  • In - 91 votes
  • 30%

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We will no longer be in the EU, so the trade deals are EU deals, not UK deals, so will have to be renegotiated.
The EU will have the upperhand because they will be the bigger partner. It will be one nation (us) against 27 others. They will ge bigger in GDP, population and and buying piwer. We will be a minnow against a Whale.
Who told you that all trade deals are EU deals? If M. Dupont in France wished to continue to trade with Mr. Smith in Britain then he will continue to so so regardless. As to a minnow against a whale, don't make me laugh!
A trade deal with someone from the EU is an EU deal. The same way as a trade deal with someone from America is an American deal. It's not rocket science.
"We will survive free and indepedent."

Why didn't the Tories use that as their election statement? "Vote us, and survive?"
Jackdaw is quite right, we won't have to RE-negotiate trade deals with the EU; we'll have to negotiate them. We don't currently have a trade deal with the EU, we are part of the EU and enjoy its benefits. If we leave we'll need to negotiate a trade deal with them.
Interesting poll result - not quite the 50-50 everybody seems to think is the case
Latest leak from the EU - Germany wants to control an EU army.

Mr Putin will be interested no doubt. Would this mean Germany gain control of the UK and French nuclear deterrent? Also what would it mean for the future of NATO and the US "relationship"?

241 to 249 of 249rss feed

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The European Union: In Or Out?

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