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Why I love the european union

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kinell | 09:20 Fri 29th Jun 2012 | News
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Isnt it great to be part of the expanding european union?

We clearly dont have enough of our own thieves, rapists and murderers.

We clearly have too much money and would like to donate plenty of it to prop up the eurozone, which we ignorantly failed to join.

Here is one of the latest benefits of our membership:

By letting in the dregs of europe the only thing we get extra out of it is another star on the hideous blue european flag


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you think we aren't exporting our own criminals in ever-rising numbers?

It works both ways, you know.
Scroll down the article....were they enticing tourists with a game of 'Guess Which Cup the Scotch Egg is Under?

There was a bit on the news the a couple of days ago showing the river police going up and down looking for these scrotes on the bridges too.

What will happen now is that they will be arrested, released and be back on the bridge two hours later.
So jno that makes it alright then.
just means that evey time we export a criminal we'll get one back - with added local knowledge. I'm not sure we'd end up ahead on points.
...from that article I went to this one, which illustrates our ridiculous legal system...


but this probably has more to do with it...

"The UK cannot boot out Sullivan, who is a joint US/Irish citizen, because of his EU citizenship and his marriage to a Briton – a senior Ministry of Justice official he met in jail"
How has being a member of the EU enabled Romanian, or any foreign, thieves to do what they couldn't do here before ?
Europen arrest warrants allow us to get back our own Thieves murderers paedophiles and rapists.

You remember Costa-del-crime with all our criminals laughing at us from the safety of Spain

Want to go back to that do you?

/// How has being a member of the EU enabled Romanian, or any foreign, thieves to do what they couldn't do here before ? ///

Because if we were not a member of the EU, these dregs of Europe would not have free passage into the UK.

We could still sign extradition treaties with other European countries, we need not join the club.
So our criminals just leg it to a country out of the EU Jake. So harly a good reason for belonging to the EU.

I dont believe we have gained anything overall, evreything that is put up as good could have been acheived without surrendering everything to a bunch of faceles beurocrats with their snouts in the trough. And we would not have had to pay billions for the privildge.
What free passage? They need passports. They have some right to work, but they don't need to try to claim it, because they're thieves. They are just the same as the Colombian pickpockets, the Nigerian bank fraudsters, the Albanian beggars and all the rest of the 'foreign scum', all of whom enter the country without any problem. What has made a difference, is the fall of the Soviet Union. Before it fell, the citizens of Russia and its satellite countries had great difficulty travelling, sometimes even within their own country; travelling outside it was unthinkable.
Ooh, Fred, I wish I had your b0llocks! If |I had said that the sh!t would have hit the fan.

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Why I love the european union

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