What On Earth Is Wrong With The Leave Campaign???

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sp1814 | 18:58 Wed 13th Apr 2016 | News
41 Answers up until now, there have been several groups all campaigning to leave the EU.

First question...why didn't they get together in the first place, and decide to unite under one banner?

Secondly, now that Vote Leave have been named by the Electoral Commission as the official 'Out' campaign group - why the hell are Leave.EU going to challenge it in the courts???

For what purpose?

Shouldn't they be concentrating on persuading the undecideds - who right now (according to the latest YouGov poll) could swing it in their favour:

40% Remain

37% Leave

23% Don’t know or wouldn’t vote


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AB Editor

EDDIE51 was posting his question as I was writing mine.

Please delete this thread!
politicians fighting over funds, who would have thought it?
I agree SP madness, lets target the enemy instead of fighting among ourselves. Perhaps Leave.EU are in fact a trojan horse for the in campaign trying to wreck the leave campaign.
Tora. That way lays madness.
I have posted the next two "reflection on the ghost post. I have replicated them to save myself the trouble.

//I am pretty sure that some weeks back, I warned that there would be a move to postpone the "referendum". Getting very dirty murky now.//

//Leave.EU were the original exit campaign. The other two including, and the campaign allocated the funds, are set up by members of the conservative "party". Perhaps a ploy to fragment then deprive the leave lobby the funds. Haha running scared, as Roy Orbison sang.//
sp They didn't unite for one reason only.
The designated leave group get £7 million and free TV slots ( the same as the 'Remain' group get)
They all wanted their noses in the trough which is now pretty obvious to all!. At least UKIP are out of it , they supported another losing group. Farage has had to swallow his pride and wish the 'Vote-leave' group well. He must be really p**** off as it was only down to UKIP we got a referendum at all!
^Would you please stop lying, Eddie.
You are bob on there Eddie, without the original promise by UKIP to hold a referendum, CMD would not have put it in the Cons. election pledge, and now be sweating his nuts off. The day that Farage says that, he will return to the Conservative Party, and run for leader will be seismic.
Some say vote-leave are more interested in renegotiating terms with the EU than leaving.
Svejk On what basis am I 'lying' ? The officially designated 'leave' group get the funding and the TV slots, Fact ! Read the links!
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Wouldn't Farage be up against Johnson for leadership of the Conservatives?

Also, could he actually lead the party if he's not an MP???
The first time you claimed the leave campaign were getting £7 million might have been a genuine mistake. But your continually repeating it, despite being corrected several times, is just blatant lying.
Is the BBC lying as well ?
Where do you get it from that the 'Leave' group do not get official funding?
It is you that are mistaken or lying !
Question Author

You're correct. The official 'Leave' campaign can raise up to £7million - but that doesn't mean it gets £7million of public money. That's just their spending cap.


[i]It’s correct that the two official campaigns will get some public money in direct grants and publicly funded benefits such as a free mailout across the country. This is likely to amount to millions, but it’s not clear exactly how much. It shouldn’t be confused with the £7 million spending limit each will have which is money they have to raise themselves.[i]

So that sort of answers the question that was asked last week (about when will the leave campaign get their postal mail out). It's funded, but it's funded separately from the £7million they are allowed to raise.

Other people can read.
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Some more (just to settle this):

What assistance the campaigns can get

A grant of up to £600,000. The Electoral Commission says this can be used for certain spending including administrative costs, putting together campaign broadcasts and producing a leaflet to send out to voters.
A free mailing of that leaflet to voters. This is only for the delivery by Royal Mail, rather than dissemination online. It excludes any spending on production.
Free referendum campaign broadcasts.
A free dedicated page in an information booklet sent to every household by the Electoral Commission.
Use of certain public buildings for meetings.
These don’t count towards the £7 million limit for campaign spending as they’re not charged to the campaigns.

There’s good reason to assume these benefits amount to “millions of pounds” of public money, as Mr Fallon said.

The free mailout each lead organisation is entitled to, for instance, is likely to cost a significant amount. Back in 2011, during the referendum on the AV voting system, over £8 million of public money was spent funding the delivery of the two lead campaigns’ free mailout to addresses across the country.

So while the campaigns only directly get £600,000, the free benefits they’re also entitled to will amount to a public cost.

Michael Fallon mentioned on Sky News today a figure of “over £20 million” of public money being made available to both campaigns. We’ve asked the government for a source for this figure.

If you’re wondering why the direct grant is set at £600,000, incidentally, it’s designed to be the equivalent in today’s money of what the campaigns in the 1975 EU referendum got.
^That was in reply to Eddie, obviously.
I wouldn't believe Fallon if he told me it was Wednesday.

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