Referendum Delay Till October ?

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EDDIE51 | 18:55 Wed 13th Apr 2016 | News
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The 'leave' groups are still fighting over who gets the funding.
There could be a delay until October to allow a Judicial Review !


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I was busy gathering stats when you posted your thread, and as you can see, I've posted much the same question.

I'll get mine deleted...yours is more succinct!
Does that give time for the EU to ratify the lack of deal obtained by Mr. Cameron ?
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I've been trying to highlight the divisions within the 'Leave' group for weeks.
With £ 7 million up for grabs no wonder they are fighting!
United we stand divided we fall
In their wildest dreams the 'Remain' (united) group could hardly have hoped for a better boost.
I am pretty sure that some weeks back, I warned that there would be a move to postpone the "referendum". Getting very dirty murky now.
well, they're promoting the merits of not being united, so I suppose this is all part of their cunning plan.
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Where are all the posters who insisted the 'Leave' groups do not get any official funding?
Actually EDDIE51, perhaps they were right...up until today, because the Electoral Commission hadn't named the official leave campaign, perhaps none of them were getting any money.

...which is all the more reason for egos to be put aside, and all the various factions to unit behind Vote Leave.

If they continue to squabble, they may face the risk of voters assuming that they care more about their own prestige, than the cause they are fighting for.
Leave.EU were the original exit campaign. The other two including, and the campaign allocated the funds, are set up by members of the conservative "party". Perhaps a ploy to fragment then deprive the leave lobby the funds. Haha running scared, as Roy Orbison sang.
or they may make voters wonder if confused infighting reflects the merits (or lack of) of their case.
I can't this being delayed at this late stage....might of course I suppose.

There is another campaign going, to make it so that there is at least a 60% turn-out before it can count.....again too late in my opinion.
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^^ Surely the rules are those set by the Electoral Commission? They can't be changed at short notice.( act of Parliament needed ?) I think there will be a low turnout, few people I have talked to say they are going to bother voting.
Eddie...that is the great danger here.

This Referendum is the most important opportunity for a long time. My best guess is that there will be a low turn-out, it will only be a small majority either way, and therefore we could be back to square one again. Its only consultative after all.
//My best guess is that there will be a low turn-out//

I can't help thinking the turn-out will be fairly high. I don't know anyone who doesn't have an opinion on our membership of the EU and most of them want 'Out'.
Got my glossy booklet the other day stating the benefits of 'staying in'. I decided it should go in the pile of 'takeaways'!

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Referendum Delay Till October ?

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