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If you bother to read it , there is just one dog that is trained to detect food items and it has been very successful, often finding cheese and sausages.(which are banned from import from outside the EU)
However the 7 drug detector dogs have found nothing in the last 7 months.
That means either the dogs are useless , or they are so good that nobody has risked trying to bring class A drugs through.
I was going to same the same as Eddie.
Question Author
Lighten up you two, this is a TIC post!
Well I assume the dogs were trained and tested properly so surely Manchester can't be seen as a good spot to start distribution in the UK. I'd have thought it was fairly central and assume a sizeable local market, but who knows ? Maybe it's easier to sail across the Channel and simply unload ?
Any dog would find sausages. They don't need to be trained to do it.
Yeah, but they'd be the wrong type of sausages. They'd be EU approved ones.
"Lighten up you two, this is a TIC post! "

theyve had Humour by-pass ops...dont think its reversible
Lol....coming from Mr Angry himself....
I must ask what type of dogs that they are - not sausage dogs by chance?
Our daft dog can detect sausages, in a sealed container, in the fridge even before cooking them. When we do cook them her eyes roll and she whimpers and drools all over the kitchen. M&S "Best of British Bangers". Only once a month mind.

That reminds me that I've been meaning to post a thread, asking why dog and cat food is not offered in pork flavour for a long time now but have a sneaking suspicion about the answer and didn't want to give anyone any ideas :-0

On such occasions, it is compulsory to post this: a


Lol Hypo. Remember this?
if you ever need any Kitkats found my dog can hear one opened from about 100 yards - even though he cant eat it.
// Lighten up you two, this is a TIC post!// 3T

and coming from 3T whatever else is there ?
Is there only me who doesn't know what TIC means ??

My beloved dog adored sausages, he'd have no trouble finding any ...!
I think TIC makes you talk a bit different - like 'Yewmaan write', that sort of thing.
Viv, tongue in cheek.
Re the OP , well done that dog - deserves a medal.

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Do you know the answer?

Sniffer Dogs Find Sausages.....really!

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