What On Earth Is Wrong With The Leave Campaign???

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sp1814 | 18:58 Wed 13th Apr 2016 | News
41 Answers up until now, there have been several groups all campaigning to leave the EU.

First question...why didn't they get together in the first place, and decide to unite under one banner?

Secondly, now that Vote Leave have been named by the Electoral Commission as the official 'Out' campaign group - why the hell are Leave.EU going to challenge it in the courts???

For what purpose?

Shouldn't they be concentrating on persuading the undecideds - who right now (according to the latest YouGov poll) could swing it in their favour:

40% Remain

37% Leave

23% Don’t know or wouldn’t vote


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// Also, could he actually lead the party if he's not an MP???//

How long does that take with a safe seat offered and a local election in the pipeline. Someone resigns and bob a job.

And stop using the space bar. Trying to copy and paste from your missives needs editing skills that are not time saving. (*_^)
There you go. Both sides get the same treatment. Up to £7 million of spending . Nearly all directly or indirectly from the tax payer.
Here is the official web site for the Electoral commission who actually responsible for overseeing the funding of both sides.
At least make it clear that the funding arrangement is the same for both sides.
Not only could he lead the party when not an MP he could also be a minister or even PM. Alec Douglas-Home was in that position for three weeks in 1963.
sevjk , OK I accept that the wording is ''access to up to £7 million of funding'' rather than 'get' £7 million of funding ,but the same thing in my opinion!
Again it is the same for both sides which you have not made clear.
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Well if we vote to leave the EU, I could definitely see Boris chucking his hat into the ring, with possible Page Three May having a go. But there are a few obstacles in front of Nigel which might mean he would have to wait a bit before officially rejoining.

Also, right after the vote, whichever way it goes, I have a feeling that the Tories are going to be in for a period of nasty in-fighting. Boris seems the best bet to unite the two sides of the party...(at the moment).
At the end of the day, whatever the result, there will be only one winner and that is Boris.
sp See jackdaw @ 21:49.
Question Author

But ADH was a Tory. Will the Conservatives welcome Nigel with open arms, whilst muttering, "Whilst you're here, could you lead us too?"
^Labour would give their left arms for the Nigel.
SP...that banner is purple, with the yellow Poundshop sign on it !

But even they can't agree amongst themselves :::::

By the way, how many cloves of garlic would you have to hang on your front door, to keep Christine Hamilton from knocking ?
//why the hell are Leave.EU going to challenge it in the courts???//


//Shouldn't they be concentrating on persuading the undecideds//


Perhaps it’s just as well the decision didn’t go their way!
Thought they've agreed to work together?
SP....The Purple Party can't work with each other, let alone anyone else !
^ 'The workers united will never be defeated'.
^ :o)
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Perhaps it's time to put this to bed, before someone posts a picture of Harvey Proctor.
Question Author
Okay - one last one.

This is Tony Blair with his wife Pete Doherty
Let's face it, Outers tend to be passionate, committed, conviction politicians.
Inners are only committed to their careers and parrot whatever platitudes Central Office have issued for the day.
When someone like Andrew Neil tries to dig below the surface, they are left floundering because they either don't understand what they're saying or don't actually believe a word of it.

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What On Earth Is Wrong With The Leave Campaign???

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