Us Election 2016: Lifelong Republicans Turned Off By Trump

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mikey4444 | 15:59 Sat 20th Feb 2016 | News
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Its often been said by all the Trump lovers here on AB, that Trump has enormous popular support in America.

Well, according to this BBC link, that may not be true after all. These are died-in-the-wool Republicans and they can't stand the sight of Trump !


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//While Donald Trump is showing a lead in polling...//

Perhaps US polls are as inaccurate as ours were in the run up to the last election.
I do so hope that this proves to be the case. I'm finding it hard to understand why Trump is popular. He has no political background, has very worrying ideas about many things and the thought that he could be in the most powerful position in the world is frankly very frightening. Surely Americans must have more intelligence? or are they just swept along by his gung ho beat up ISIS rhetoric? Very scary.
did you mean "dyed" in the wool Mikey?

or was there an implication that US republicans are brain dead?

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But the main difference between their system and ours Naomi, is that they have Caucuses and Primaries....we don't. In Britain you only get one shot.

Trump would seem to be popular in some places at least, but this link would seem to suggest that he is far from being all things to all men.

I still maintain that he will fail to get the Republican nomination. He has cornered the nitwit vote but its unlikely he can find many more, as he goes around the country.

The Republicans have spent the last 8 years out of power, and there will be no great inclination amongst them to appoint another Mitt/Palin, that will see them cast out into the political wilderness for another 8 years. To choose an unelectable candidate, again, would be madness, and the American version of the Men in Grey Suits know that.
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Thanks Mush....I can see my spelling mistake now !
Don't believe everything* you read on the BBC, mikey.
Well mikey you have played down the "Trump" from the start and I think, although respect, your opinion feel that you have underestimated public opinion in the U.S of A.

^^ I meant "Trump card".......;-)
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Afternoon Sqad !

I am hardly in a minority in believing Trump to have no chance of winning the November election, now am I !

Up until now, most of what we have seen of the Republicans in the media, is unalloyed support for Trump. This BBC link rather indicates that this isn't necessary the case.

Listening to Lyn Bennett again, its quite clear why she and her fellow Republicans dislike Trump....crass, base, common, foul-mouthed, sexist, bigoted and racist...her words not mine !

To repeat...if the bigwigs in the Party think he will cost them another Election, they will be very careful before giving him the imprimatur. They made that mistake with Romney and I can't see them making it again.
Don't worry the Pope is going to make sure there are no more 'Trumps'
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If only it was that easy Eddie !
This guy Trump is a nasty smell & I hope he will soon go away.
do you think you are getting obsessed with Mr Trump Mikey?
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No I don't you think you are getting obsessed about Britain in Europe ?


Trump for me is like watching horror films through your scares me but I just can't help doing it.
yes I am obsessed with Britain and Europe, is it bad to want the best for our nation? Someone has to stand up to the treacherous anti British that infest us.
Question Author
TTT...........not sure why you equate people who are pro-Europe and "anti-Britain"

I want the best for Britain as well, as almost everybody does.
Mikey, I'm not sure why you felt it necessary to give me a lesson in the workings of the US political system. I simply suggested the polls might be inaccurate..... but on second thoughts, perhaps not. Oo-er! ;o)
Mikey....I am sure that there are lifelong Labour supporters that are turned off by Corbyn, but come the election, I bet my bottom dollar that they will vote Labour.
Same with the Republicans.
Question Author
No lessons intended Naomi...just the normal cut and thrust of a civilised debate !

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Us Election 2016: Lifelong Republicans Turned Off By Trump

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