Another Car Driver Gets A Low Sentence After Causing A Death

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VHG | 17:31 Sat 20th Feb 2016 | News
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Another case of a terrible driver causing a death and getting a fairly low sentence.

This inconsiderate *** was driving on a motorway using his phone, and crashed in to a back of a queue of traffic killing a woman.

Some "accidents" you can say are perhaps just that, but this driver had total disregard for other road users and was prepared to put every other driver on the road around him at risk.

He should have got the maximum, which I believe is 10 years.


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The report says that he was "needlessly distracted by his mobile phone," as if the mobile phone caused the accident by jumping up and down and talking to him! Is this another example of the "not my fault, guv" syndrome?
more effective might be a will by the authorities to enforce sundry traffic laws, including use of phones - which simple observation (in this area at least) demonstrates that they clearly don't.
The maximum can only be given for the very worst cases where the accused pleads not guilty but is found guilty after a trial. He got 4 years which is near the maximum under the circumstances. He pleaded guilty which means an automatic reduction of 1/3rd of the sentence given, so 6 years 9 months is the maximum possible sentence.
I personally know a man who swerved, mounted the pavement and killed 2 people, a 3 year old girl and her Mother , he then ran away and tried to pretend that he was not driving the car. He still only got 5 years (and was out in 2! ) This case is a lot less serious than that one yet he got 4 years !
Yes Eddie has it about right.

The maximum was raised from 10 years to 14 years in 2004, VHG.

When looking at the sentencing guidelines this offence probably falls into the middle category seriousness for the offence (“driving that created a substantial risk of danger”). You can have a look here:

The “starting point” when considering sentence is 5 years custody and the recommended sentencing range is 4 to 7 years. Bearing in mind Mr Munce pleaded guilty (and was so entitled to a one third reduction in his sentence) his pre-discount sentence was six years, which seems to fit the guidelines nicely.

The "needlessly distracted" remark is not very well made. What I think the report means is that he was distracted needlessly by his own actions (i.e. farting about with a phone when he should have been concentrating fully on driving).
Unlike the other driver case discussed on here this weekend, this guy is totally at fault and was knowingly breaking the law. I suppose 4 years is better than nothing - but I see people driving using their phones to their ear every single day. No-one does much about it.
There was supposed to be new sentencing for using a mobile phone when driving that made it the same as drink driving, with an automatic years ban.
But it seems to have been forgotten about. do I, all the time !

When you consider how cheap a blue-tooth ear-thingy is, its completely unforgivable.

I also see lorry drivers at night, obviously watching something on their laps, as you can see the light in their faces.
phones are the new danger much much worse than DD. I have now learnt how dangerous they are many have not.

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Another Car Driver Gets A Low Sentence After Causing A Death

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