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no contest! Kiss of death
Well, you'd have thought kiss of death, but in America, who knows?
What a very clever question.
And already two brilliant answers!
I would.
Neither. It's somehow fitting that the inexplicable controversial types should support each other. Those who can't see an issue with either or actually think that they're ok have probably already made up their minds. Perhaps some voters prefer high profile to ability to uphold rational beliefs.
Would what ? Kiss Trump to death: or give Palin a boost ?

Kiss of Death imo, but it's America, so who knows?
It was interesting to hear a commentator say how the Republican establishment are desperate not to have Ted Cruz, and would rather have Trump.
At least Trump looks like the beast he is whereas Cruz doesn't really look the part. So in that scenario Palin supporting Trump is probably helpful. Given we're talking the GOP here. Come a presidential election what will stymie any of the GOP candidates with the constituencies they need to win over will be their own words.
I wonder if Hilary will change the carpets in the Oval Office :-)
only the, uh, stained ones, ichkeria.

I don't think Palin's endorsement will harm Trump; he's appealing to very much the same constituency as she was last time round. (he would have had cause for concern if she hadn't endorsed him). But I can't see many undecided or Democratic voters suddenly thinking "Oh, maybe he's okay after all."
Well we laugh out loud at it, doubling the silliness of the pair - and what's the next line on the news? Donald Trump is already riding high in the polls.
This all about Palin boosting herself. Since she left politics, she has wandered around, trying to find a real role but has failed miserably.

It also may be a way of deflecting from her own dysfunctional family problems. Apparently one of her sons, Gate, Field, Tree or something, was arrested yesterday for a violence incident.
The 'pills' Trump is riding high in are the ones for the Republican nomination
Lol lol lol
That should have read 'polls'
Or should it ...
The object of Politics is to get into power first and then allow your lieutenants to formulate the policies that you want or need to push through.

Trump/Palin could well be that combination.
The 'getting into power first' bit will be the tricky one :-)
She can see that he is very likely to be a winner and is looking ahead to a good position within the coming Trump administration. A boost I would say, she didn't get the nomination last round, but she got a lot of supporters.
"The 'getting into power first' bit will be the tricky one :-) "

if they do perhaps they could give that mob know as the labour party some hints and tips...
She probably just wanted another fifteen minutes of fame.
Corbyn is a shoo-in for No 10 compared to any of the likely Republicans getting to the White House
Some in the GOP realised after the last Obama victory that they needed to engage more with certain ethnic groups to have any sort of chance of winning in the near future
It hasn't really happened, has it

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