Alledgedly How Hmg Treats It's Armed Forces!!

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retrocop | 00:45 Wed 20th Jan 2016 | News
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If as a sniper you intend to take a one shot one kill you will be controlling your breathing and not shouting challenging warnings that your target can't hear 1200 metres away in any case. Just shows the fiasco these ambulance chasing sheister lawyers are up to!


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Perhaps the snipers should start targeting the scumbag lawyers. Are there any WW2 vets. worth prosecuting still alive. They would be easy to harass and hound. Getting on a bit now.
I was just thinking the same thing Togo, I wonder if these lawyers will go back to the second world war or the falklands conflict.

I wonder if these scumbags could be sent to a war zone to check the evidence.

So we have got a “reported” “alleged” issue with insufficient detail for the IHAT and the MOD to comment.........ho hum.....

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Alledgedly How Hmg Treats It's Armed Forces!!

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