Donald Trump Has Got One Thing Right At Least, So Why Are Some Denying It?

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anotheoldgit | 17:15 Wed 09th Dec 2015 | News
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/// The US presidential contender caused worldwide consternation after a string of incendiary remarks about Muslims and said: 'We have places in London and other places that are so radicalised that police are afraid for their own lives.' ///

/// But one serving officer said today: 'Trump's not wrong. He pointed out something I think we aren't as a nation willing to own up to'. ///


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Usual "vague" Daily Mail sources, obviously cherry-picked to suit their poisonous propaganda.
Quoted serving police officer needs to grow a pair or reconsider their career.

Trust the Wail to dump over this one, meat and drink for them.

Where in London or elsewhere? If so, they should stand up and be counted by naming themselves. The Head of the Met was vehemently denying this on R4 this morning.
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And there are absolutely no no-go areas in America...
Belgium also has it's Ghettos. In fact I would go so far as to say the majority of European countries have them.
Who's denying it AOG?
I'd have thought we would need more than a single, anonymous, source to support Trump. I suspect there may be some truth in the idea that some areas of London are, if not no-go, then certainly more dangerous than others. But that's a far cry from being terrified to enter an area, or even several of them.

And let's not forget the whole "cities that are 100% Muslim that ordinary Britons just don't go to, like Birmingham" thing...
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agree with that perception Jim, Toxteth for example and many areas of Liverpool - it's the reason that the Mersey runs through the city rather than meander....
If you carefully draw the boundaries to ensure that you only include Muslim residents, sure... percentages can be misleading, out of context.

I doubt there are any predominantly muslim areas where the police are afraid for their own lives. Afraid of causing offense or being accused of racism maybe, but not a fear for their lives.
My view is that Mr Trump is saying anything that adds to his rising profile, and you can always find someone somewhere to add to his opinion - but that does not make it a fact in either case.

I can say that the earth is flat, and with almost mo effort, I can find someone who will agree with me - but that does not make that statement a fact either.

Scare-mongering from across the water is really nothing we should give any credence to.
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Agree on //My view is that Mr Trump is saying anything that adds to his rising profile// just to keep his ugly mug in the Press at the expense of other, even if it is controversial shyyte that comes out.
As sergeant in a city force I was in charge of a 'patch' which was 70% Asian and if at any time I would have felt unable to police it I would have resigned.As already has been said that particular officer should grow a pair.
Trouble is DT, a large proportion of the USofA's population can't tell the difference between shyyte and a Bald Eagle.
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/// Who's denying it AOG? ///

Scotland Yard, Cameron, Mayor Johnson, to name a few.
Trump is doing sharia a favor if this is what muslims want, eg marry off their 8y daughters to elders.
Any examples AOG?
I think the best way to put it divebuddy is that I'm not saying you're wrong, but that the statement of such-and-such an area being 100% Muslim requires a great deal of specifics to understand. How large are these areas, etc etc.

I'm fairly sure that somewhere not that far from where my parents live, Harehills in Leeds, has a huge proportion of ethnic minorities -- but even there, the density of Muslims is something like 50% of 64% of the 27,000 total residents, which is a far cry from 100%.* Maybe in Bradford.

*source: , and making the assumption that everyone of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin is a Muslim. Also , that appears to confirm my guesstimates of about a third of the population.

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Donald Trump Has Got One Thing Right At Least, So Why Are Some Denying It?

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