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The Bbc Should Remove Homophobic Tyson Fury From Sports Personality Of The Year Shortlist Petition By Scott Cuthbertson

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DTCwordfan | 17:52 Wed 09th Dec 2015 | News
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Yes or No?

125000 have signed the petition.

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Not signing but it's a definite yes from me.
Like me, he probably doesn't give a toss.
-- answer removed --

Never heard of Scott Cuthbertson before, had a Google, assume he's a writer for Gaynews if I got the right one,
so not much of a vested interest there then, is there?

No I will not be signing.
Why do his religious views have anything to do with getting an award for his sporting achievement?

I suspect this campaign will massively backfire. The BBC will not remove him as that would be discrimination, and a lot of people will vote for himbecause of the PC bullying.
I won't sign.
So, has he got a real phobia...or perhaps he jus doesnt like their "lifestyle"

yet again another word hijacked by the pc brigade to suit their views....
Following the logic of banning Tyson Fury from the sports personality award, should the award be given to the nicest most PC and inclusive person regardless of sporting ability? Perhaps there should be a PC award from which we could ban people from being too sporting? or not?
I don't suppose there's any use in pointing out that homosexuality isn't a lifestyle choice?
The BBC is teeming with homosexuals and lesbians so it won't be too difficult. Who next ?
BBC do not decide on the final list its drawn up by an independent panel anyway voters will have final choice as to who wins, and with all the publicity he will probably be getting a larger vote
-- answer removed --
"lifestyle choice? "

you added the word choice...just saying
So I did. Consider that post withdrawn.
I don't necessarily think he should be withdrawn - if the award is purely for sporting prowess this year then he qualifies.

However if personality is also included it is better to know the opinions of those who are being voted for.

Even if (in my view) his opinions are ridiculous.
Don't seem to be doing very well so far DTC
No not me

Lifestyle is generally defined as
'the way in which a person lives'
so I don't have a problem with it being used here
I agree with mamya... it depends what the award is supposed to be for... although not sure beating people senseless is any better.
The award is for the personality of the sportsperson and personality covers the whole person, he should be withdrawn as he's a poor role model.

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The Bbc Should Remove Homophobic Tyson Fury From Sports Personality Of The Year Shortlist Petition By Scott Cuthbertson

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