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In Or Out? (Of the EU)

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AB Editor | 10:16 Mon 25th May 2015 | News
159 Answers

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With renewed talk about an in/out EU referendum, how would you vote, given the simple choice of:

  • Get Out Of The EU - 104 votes
  • 62%
  • Stay In The EU - 63 votes
  • 38%

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Le Chat...refreshingly honest and informative post ! I have been saying as much for ages. Immigrants are working here because there are job vacancies, and there are vacancies because our own unemployed don't want the jobs available.

So why can't our people do those jobs ?
Because benefits are too generous?
They can do the jobs, Mikey, and I don't think most people are too proud to take jobs they think are beneath them.

The problem is housing benefit and council take benefit. Work full time and the chances are these benefits stop and often people are no better off.

Some people will carry on regardless and others think 'what's the point'
If the benefits stop for the able bodied - or are at the least considerably reduced - they would have to work.
Or start mugging rich people.
"So why can't our people do those jobs ? "

Why not ask you your mate who you once explained refused to work at the Swansea Amazon warehouse. I believe you also said you would refuse to work their after some tv documentry.
Yes, Naomi, but that still doesn't make rents affordable.
Not with you ummmm. Do you mean people don't work because if they do they won't be able to afford to pay their rent?
I watched that documentary and didn't find an issue with it.

You wouldn't take a job in a busy nightclub and not expect to serve as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

I once working at a cheque clearing centre. Every tap on our keyboards was recorded. If we needed the toilet we had to log out, give our reason for logging out, and log back in.

Our stats were given to us the next day.

That's business...
If people were paid a reasonable wage, most of them wouldn't be entitled to much in the way of benefits. I am by no means very well paid, but I am paid enough to ensure that I am not entitled to any benefits.

Perhaps employers like Tesco, for instance, should pay their staff better, and then the tax payer wouldn't have to step into to make their wages up.

Tesco isn't the only mass employer, that uses state benefits to ensure that their staff take home a living wage. Benefits should be used for supporting the people who can't work, not people who work 40 hours a week.
Talk to the people who were 'laid off' @ £10/12/14 an hour and offered their jobs back at £6.50. Some do it, some don't.
Yes, Naomi.

I think much of the problem lies with high rents. Rents are also too high outside London.
But that's not a reason to live entirely on benefits, Ummmm.
Orderlimit...your recollection of my local Amazon warehouse is incorrect. I said that I will not patronise this company for lots of reasons, and the shockingly poor treatment of their workers is only one reason. They also no reason to pay much in the way of taxes, which should be a concern for everybody.

Amazon has been exposed for what it exploitative employer, many times in the past, by the Sunday Times and the BBC amongst others.
Ah Ok soz mikey.
Absolutely not, Naomi, but I understand why people make that choice.

It must be soul destroying to be better off on benefits.

Some people are quite happy to live on benefits.
"It must be soul destroying to be better off on benefits. "

It most certainly must - for people who want to work and better themselves. But it's a Godsend for those who don't.

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In Or Out? (Of the EU)

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