Oh, For The Relief!

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Coldicote | 22:00 Fri 03rd Apr 2015 | News
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I know who I intend to vote for and I expect by now most other people know likewise. What with TV debates and endless mail through the letter box - enough is enough. Am I alone in looking forward to the relief of it all being over?


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I would confidently state that the SNP will NEVER get into bed with the Tories.
If it is the only option that works, do you think the SNP would blindly dismiss power sharing with the Conservatives?

If the mathematics dictated it, I'm sure the SNP would do it.
Gromit............Please believe me here. The SNP will NEVER get into bed with the Tories. This would be tantamount to treason and would totally finish the SNP forever,and I mean forever.

Scots have long memories and forgiveness does not come easily to them. The SNP politicians realise this only too well.
If the Tories were to offer them independence or at least another referendum, they just might. It would be in the Tories' interest to do so, killing two birds with one stone.
Jackdaw If the Tories offered Independence then Scotland would be a totally separate country,and there would be no point in SNP having any say in the former UK, as it would have nothing to do with the Scots.

Speaking personally I don't think we want another referendum at the moment,as we are doing OK just now with the virtual Devo Max which the three Westminster Parties have given us,despite refusing us this option on the Referendum ballot paper.

Another referendum will come at some time in the future,when we are ready for it.

A happy Easter to you.
I know exactly who I am going to vote for, always have. I won't be watching any of the debates or any programmes rabbiting on about the election. I'll get up the morning after, switch the radio on and find out who is winning, or has won !
If the current paltry participation of electors seems overwhelming then a genuine participatory democracy may be a responsibility too far.
If so then sadly you will be condemned to continue voting on propositions you have had no input in nor influence upon.

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Oh, For The Relief!

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