Oh, For The Relief!

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Coldicote | 22:00 Fri 03rd Apr 2015 | News
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I know who I intend to vote for and I expect by now most other people know likewise. What with TV debates and endless mail through the letter box - enough is enough. Am I alone in looking forward to the relief of it all being over?


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No you're not alone, though we've had nothing except for the local elections through the letterbox. Be glad you're not American, they seem to be in a constant election mode, 21st Jan 2017, they'll be talking about runners for 2020!
No. Our interest is in seeing whose prospectuses (prospecti? that seems wrong) drop in through the letterbox. It is still not too late to make me change my mind - some candidates are close - but it would have to be a definitive difference/policy. First thing we did on moving here was apply for the vote.
Have you not had any knocking at your doors?
No letters, no door knocking. I am so lucky!
^Me too - but no change there.

//Am I alone in looking forward to the relief of it all being over? //

That depends on the outcome.

Our front door is one floor below our main living area, with a camera system, so they're just not going to get a response anyway!
`Things can only get better`
They used that one in 97, sandy. It didn't.
I don't mind it at all!
It makes no difference how I vote where I live, the Tory will win here.

He always does.
Same here, Hopkirk. This time I think it'll be 'Meet The New Boss Same As The Old Boss'.
Hasn't impinged on my daily life - had a couple of letters and if anyone does break through the security door then I just tell them I'm voting for them.

They go off happy and I close the door.
Hopkirk/Tony, do you want change where you live?
No thanks.
No naomi, I love where I live.
So you're happy with your Tory MP. Jolly good. :o)
LOL, I do love you, naomi.
I made no mention of my political views or which way I vote.

Neither did I.
No you didn't - but you don't want change.

tony, haaa! Mwah!

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Oh, For The Relief!

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