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Trust you.

By the same logic then, why is red Ed right of Clegg ?
Question Author
LOL, yes I did wonder, youngmafbog.
The first Endeavour's on ITV3 so that's all right!
Question Author
I'll be at work, so thats alright to, Jomlett.

I guess Milipede will be stamping his feet behind the Podium if it doesn't go his way!
/// The debate is taking place at the MediaCityUK development in Salford. The audience comprises some 200 people representing a demographic and political cross-section of the population. ///

Now I wonder by whom and also how this audience was selected?
Its going to be a farce too many leaders and too little time
Ric has it right I have said on another thread, its going to look like some kind of game show from hell...."Celebrity Square in Suits"

Why do we always seem to see the need to slavishly follow the Yanks in everything they do ?
Depends which way you're facing tony.
Would rather be trampled by marauding goats than watch it .Would watch it if they were linked up to lie and bull detectors.
## Its going to be a farce too many leaders and too little time ##

Spot on Ric, should only be four, and it should be nearer the polling date.
Its OK trt ! you expressed my feelings pretty well. We all have different tastes in music....I am a big Wagner fan for instance. But what NJ said came as a bit of shock all the same.
Ignore above...posting on too many fronts as usual !
What Mikey ? is there a sing a long aswell ? lol
Community singing might make a pleasant change tonight whirlyhurly !

Perhaps they should sing the first verse of "Jerusalem" and then we can vote who was best !
I am watching this in a very disjointed fashion, via a Dongle, so I am not able to quote verbatim.

But something is abundantly clear...the woman who is supposed to be in charge of this bear garden is obviously incapable of so doing. They are all talking over each other, and preventing an adult debate.

Surprise, surprise !

Something is also apparent. Clegg has been at the side, and on the same side, as the Tories for the last 5 years and he is now faced with the impossible task of bad mouthing everything that he and dave have done.

My thoughts are with him this evening....every time he tries to climb out of the hole he has enthusiastically dug for himself, he finds that instead he is just digging the pit even deeper.

well, mikey, you'll have the pleasure of stuffing him down the Geevor mine, the sooner the better. He's up his own arrse without a paddle to dig out of the schitt he helped create.
Absolutely right DTC !
It's deep - don't let him surface for a scrumpy or Tinners ale - and for the women, Russ Pull-dark, he is not......
thougt you were supposed to be having a nice time on holidibobs Mikey ? not watching the horror channel ! lol

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