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I think it is fair to day that Clegg's performance in the 2010 debate played a large part in denying Cameron an absolute majority. Not this time. As Clegg seems to be trailing second in his own constituency, if I were a Tory living there I would not vote tactically to keep Labour out; I'd rather Labour won.
murraymints......I am hopelessly addicted to politics I'm afraid, and have been since the 2nd Election in 1974, when I was first able to vote !

But I love the cut and thrust !
If, as you have stated, that you are 61, then you would have been entitled to vote at the 1st election in '74
vote Mikey !
Jackdawe...I was 21 in June 1974. The 1st Election was in February 1974, but I was abroad backpacking in Asia at the time. When the second Election came along in October 1974, I was back in Britain, and was thus able to vote for the first time.
Question Author
Who do you think came out best tonight ?.
murraymints........I am Old Labour I'm afraid, so I am not sure how many votes I could muster these days !
I thought it was all pretty tame and predictable - but I spent a lot of time fascinated by the Welsh lady's awful dress and hair (sorry Mikey).
Mikey, I was taken in by your April fool on the road to Damascus and was really upset!
Tonyav...I was only able to watch a small part of the debate via my dongle, but, as I have stated earlier, I don't think it really matters. The part that I saw was a bear garden, and should be viewed as entertainment only. What we saw tonight wasn't Panorama, Newsnight, or Channel Four News.
Instead of getting Brownie Points on each other, this is the UK, try together & sort it out once & for all.
OMG, mikey, you have upset Our Blessed Angel for Northern Ireland, great shall be your demise.....(send her a nice bottle of whisky)
Psybbo...I am sorry that my April Fool fooled you ! I thought it was obvious but perhaps not obvious enough !

Be assured that I am as I have always been...Old Labour ! I make no apology for this situation, nor do I see the slightest need to explain. Hell will freeze over before I could ever be persuaded to vote Tory.
Question Author
(send her a nice bottle of whisky)

Better make that two bottles, mikey.
Dull, dull debate.

Learnt nothing so it changes nothing.
Question Author
Right then from the comments I'm seeing regarding tonight's debate, looks like I didn't miss much.
send her three bottles and you might vote DUP, mikey.............
In 1969 the voting age was reduced to 18 so you were eligible to vote, just not able to do so as you had not arranged a postal or proxy vote, which you could have done any time after your 18th birthday.
Hey DTC and Tony, N.I politics are a joke, Who on earth would ask for a ban on Ouija boards? I despair of politicians
Mikey, scotch, please

21 to 40 of 55rss feed

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