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Are There Any Creative Artists Out There?

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anotheoldgit | 10:41 Thu 02nd Apr 2015 | News
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Not strictly news I know, but I just thought that this would amuse some on the News section.



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*Three months later, in a mental health institute* "They were just ... staring at me. All those eyes... looking straight into mine... accusing m-- daring me to explain why uncontrollable immigration was good for our society. And I just... couldn't. Oh god! I couldn't cope!"
Thanks AOG. How funny.
talking of Nige. He's 6/4 to win tonight. Get on.
Different - and very good.
Well done AOG
bit bored, are we ed?
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AB Editor

That's great, but don't forget that ancient proverb, "the worm will turn when trodden upon"
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/// Nigel seems to be pretty popular in my neck of the woods. ///

It would seem undoubtedly so Tony.

Conservatives 24.94%

Labour 16.67%

Lib/Dems 1.65%

Ukip 54.37%
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I wonder why, aog.
well when you conduct the poll outside the UKIP offices, what does one expect, the Communists to come first?
LOL, well it couldn't have been outside a conservative or labour club, DT.
A face that only a mother could love - or slap!!
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Are There Any Creative Artists Out There?

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