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maggiebee | 12:28 Thu 26th Jun 2014 | News
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This seems to get worse the more information that is released. From my local paper. However, he's not here to defend himself so...............

"Investigators were given "macabre accounts" of disgraced presenter Jimmy Savile "acting unacceptably" with dead bodies in the mortuary of a hospital.

An investigation into Savile's abuse at Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) heard the now-dead entertainer claimed to have "interfered with the bodies of deceased patients", including performing sex acts on them.

Investigators said while there was no way of proving Savile interfered with the bodies in this way, they concluded that "it is evident his interest in the mortuary was not within accepted boundaries".


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I really can't read much more about this horrible character.
We knew about this. It was reported a long time ago.
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That may well be so Naomi.

However, because of claims that some of the abuse happened in hospital settings triggered separate NHS investigations which were ohly published today.

A key report into his activities at Stoke Mandeville Hospital has been delayed after new information recently came to light.

Swear filter would be working overtime if I put how I really feel
The problem with all of this is that it seems to be always allegations that cannot be proved.

Surely a posthumous investigation and a 'trial' should be cqarried out so that we know what is the truth and what is conjecture.

It would seem highly unlikely that he is not guilty of anything, but, as afar as I am aware, he has never been found guilty of anything.

What happened to innocent until proven guilty, has it been removed in favour of trial by tabloid or lynch mob?
I am not sure how much worse this Saville business can get. I have just listened to someone being interview on the World at One and it made my blood go cold. Unless someone can produce a miracle here, I will never understand how this loathsome pervert could have got away with all that he did over 50 years.

There is some lifting of the mist however. It now appears that not only did many professional people ignore what he was doing, some actually colluded with him ::

That is the only reason I can think of, why he was successful in his enterprises, over such a long time, and over such a large area...he must have been protected at some level. are right ymb...Saville is innocent until proved guilty...why didn't I think of that !
It is surely one of the saddest things about this story that the apparent truth about this man's vile behaviour could only be brought to light after he was dead.
You are right Jim ::::

"Ex-BBC DJ Jimmy Savile sexually assaulted victims aged five to 75 in NHS hospitals over decades of unrestricted access, investigators say "

But I expect he really wasn't guilty at all, and these are just silly rumours !
The problem is you have all the compo surfers on board now, gawd knows what the truth is. The bloke is brown bread not much can be done, the genuine cases will be drowned by the gold diggers no good can come of this. really think it's about money?
maggiebee, just pointing out that this isn't a new discovery.

Mikey, //But I expect he really wasn't guilty at all, and these are just silly rumours ! //

No one has suggested that to be the case - and I don't think anyone believes that to be the case.
you really think it isnt?
No...I don't. There might be a few people after a few quid but in general, no, I think they want acknowledgement, finally.

I wouldn't spend a penny of my abusers money.

Yes, it's all about the money - various, random people with a 70 year age range, from across the country, grouped together (plus some dead bodies) just to blacken the name if a dead DJ.
no doubt many are genuine, multiply that by 10 for those that he once spoke to or perhaps had contact in some small way with. They are chasing compo and obscuring the genuine case.

ummmm: "I wouldn't spend a penny of my abusers money." good for you, sadly there are plenty that will.

I think it's been well and truly established that he was a serial sex fiend.

I agree that some of the cases were nothing more than bum pinching like what happens every weekend in pubs.

Some were rape victims though.
yes and a lot are jumping on the bandwagon.....
What I want to come out of all this is not the blackening of the name of an obvious and odious pervert but an explanation of how he got away with it for so long. Because its only with a drains-up exercise that we can be sure that it won't happen again.

Why was he allowed such a high-profile in a mental hospital, despite have no qualifications for the job whatsoever ?

How was he allowed to spend such a long time in the Mortuary of a major NHS Hospital ?

Why did the Police continue to ignore all the serious complaints about his behaviour, especially the very young and ill ?

Why were all the whistle-blowers ignored ?

The list of questions is almost endless, and to insist that all this is due to a
"compensation culture" is highly offensive to all the hundreds of people that he abused. Unless we can learn from our mistakes, history will continue to repeat itself.

How many other Saviles are there out there right now, getting away with the same appalling offences ?

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