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What did you always know?
what, that rape and sexual assaults and a misogynistic society exists in India, tell us something new
it's been well documented and highlighted by vile cases like the student gang raped, who died from her injuries.
Because it is not much different from Pakistan?
i patriarchal system, one that values women, girls less than their chattels
The population density of India is 1,000 p.s.mile, twice that of Pakistan, and of the USA 84 p.s. mile, for a young American woman it would seem very crowded. Travelling by any other means than 1st class will inevitably lead to much body contact. Whether actual assaults by 'groping' is getting worse I don't know, but when I first visited there I met a charming elderly, (or so she seemed to me at the time) Parisienne lady staying at my hotel in Delhi. She told me she had visited India many times during her life and would walk about at any time, day or night, and always felt much safer than she ever did in Paris.
the women in India could answer that one, look on line for any news item on sexual assault, rape in India, its all there.
i watched a documentary, in fact several over the period of a few months,
sadly it seems that women are still not valued in many parts of India, including that of the more enlightened cities.
But how many per capita and even more relevant for the comment how many foreigners?

Sometimes numbers, stats and perceptions can be manipulated for whatever means.

Dont get me wrong, there aer many backward parts of India, however more and more parts are becoming enlightened as the population becomes Westernised and richer.
not according to the data, or any number of articles, and indeed tv documentaries, this may not be a big problem for foreigners residing or travelling around India, but Indian women don't seem to get a very good deal all round.

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