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Firefighters Strike

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BRIGHT SPARK | 18:50 Wed 25th Sep 2013 | News
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Should firefighters have to work into their late fifties.


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why not?
Only if they are truly fit enough to do the job.
Many people have to change careers at that age what's special about fire fighters.
A few years back I would have said no but a 60 year old now who has kept him/her self fit and active would have no problems with the day to day work as a firefighter. Remember the retirement age for all jobs is rising to 67 and then to 70 I do not see why firefighters should be an exception. A firefighter who is unfit due to work or accident will still get early retirement .
The fire brigade union says many fireman are not able to perform their job at 60.

So why do we still employ them?

They should be compulsary retired as soon as they cannot do it anymore, even if it is earler than sixty.

Besides, they do nothing most of the time except act as eye candy for frustrated women. Imagine how disappointed one of those would be if a fat pensioner turned up to inspect her smoke alarm?
they dont have to do anything

it seemed to me that their union was giving the employer grounds for firing them at 50 thro incapacity
As far as I am aware, policemen can retire on a full pension at aged 50. I'm not sure why we should expect firemen to work up until 60, when their work is so dangerous.

If I was being rescued from a burning building, I would much prefer it to be by a fit young firefighter, rather than a 59 year old, who has to work because he can't afford to retire.
If fitness was age related you wouldn't get 70/80+ year olds running marathons. Shouldn't being fit be a part of the well paid, well pensioned job they have?
But, mikey4444, there's plenty of work these over 55s could do if they're not fit enough to attend fires. Very little of a firefighters job these days is actually fighting fires. Surely these over 55s could do the fire checks at offices, schools, shops etc. Then there's the talks they do when they got to schools, the older officers could easily do that too.

Besides, I think it's quite insulting to be told you're unfit for work simply because you're 55.

If they are, literally, unfit for work and cannot do the job they're employed to do, then they should be dismissed on health grounds. And have to wait until retirement age to receive their pension.
Sounds like ageism not to let them work.

How many current 49 yr olds are rushing into burning buildings? Simply use them in posts that are suitable.

It is not acceptable in this day and age to expect a pension so young whilst the rest slog on.

I wonder how many continue on to building sites etc (where many work anyway ontop of their duties)
Nobody is forcing them to. They can retire at maybe 55 or take another job when the one they do no longer suits them.
I'm mid 50s and would easily be fit enough.
They spend less than 5% of the time actually fighting fires and rescuing people as said most of the work is administrative, training and doing fire checks etc.
A 59 year old can easily do those parts of the job. We are all having to work longer and firefighters can not be an exception. Even if they retire at 60 they still have a good 15- 20 years of active life on a large pension. I know a lot of ex firefighters in their 50s they all work full time and get a full pension as well, security guard jobs are the favorite I know 3 that do it. I wish I was going to be as well off in my retirement .
My grandfather retired at 63, he was a very active coastguard, still taking part in rescue's etc.

So yes they should.
Question Author thats a big yes then?
Deep sea fishermen have a higher injury rate and there is NO private pension at all.They have to work until they can afford to retire on a state pension.

good evening BRIGHT SPARK

i am guessing - by the way you asked your question, and also because of your AB name, that you are a fire-fighter
Question Author
No....I have to work for a living....and I can't play snooker to save my life.

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Firefighters Strike

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