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time the barsteward was arrested for preaching hate.
I really can't understand how he gets away with this all the time. Where's the justice?
It almost seems as if he's taunting the authorities and they're too frightened to do anything about it.
He knows the law. He's entitled to express his religious views. He just about steers clear of urging people to kill and just keeps the right side of the line on laws against racial hatred. The latter is pretty close though: the Public Order Act s18, provides that , otherwise than inside a dwelling when the words are not heard outside it, a person who uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour and who intends to stir up racial hatred or is likely to stir up racial hatred thereby, is guilty of an offence. It depends whether his words are 'threatening, abusive or insulting'. He must think they are not; he may be right, on a strict view.
perhaps if they started by cutting off the benefits he lives on, he isn't disabled, has no discernible reason why he doesn't work. And why would the authorities be afraid of him, he is nothing but a vile rabble rouser.
the tv channels should stop giving him air time at every opportunity, which they did directly after the killing of the young soldier. His views are well known enough by now.
He is risking the wrath of some of the knuckle draggers who have crawled out of the woodwork since the tragic death of Lee Rigby.

I wouldn't be surprised to read that he has been attacked one day soon.
fine to let him speak, however he hasn't changed his tune in years, and some tv channels seem to bend over backwards to get him on their shows, to debate and argue his cause. You can't debunk his thinking either, it's there for all to see and hear.
no one will i am sure, as to knuckle draggers a term rather over used, the likes of EDL are not the only ones who would like shot of this bloke.
Make him work for a living, after all if they are getting severely disabled and mentally impaired people back to work, why not an able bodied man.
The man is a giant tw*t...some arrest him, please !
a very dangerous one at that. But to be arrested generally one has to do something wrong, the police have shut down various organisations he has belonged to as extremist sites, or started up so that is a good point.
I agree, Em.
Only non-Muslims preach hate baza, Islam is all about peace.

that is not what he says, nor indeed what one witnesses in countries where they are currently at loggerheads.
that is in USA as far as i remember. I haven't seen any one in Britain ever do that. Never mind JTP when you are made to wear a long beard and recite the Quran 5 times a day, and all the women have to wear a burkha and veil perhaps you will see the funny side. London has more women than ever who are veiled when going out, not something i ever thought to see in my lifetime, apart from a bride of course.
The biggest difference between the Westboro Baptist Church and people like Choudary is that far more people seem to take Choudary seriously. Moreover, supporters of the WBC "only" picket funerals -- supporters of Choudary and his like actually go out and kill people/ blow themselves up in the process.
Jake, you do come up with some nonsense at times, you really do. Apart from the fact that one wrong does not negate another, the Westboro church consists of a small bunch of morons whom the rest of society regards with complete disdain. Choudary, on the other hand actively encourages terrorism; he has an audience of millions – and he is listened to, with respect, by the more dangerous elements of our society. The only comparison that can be made between the two is that both are motivated by religion!
he has incited racial hatred, listen to what he says, not for nothing have the police shut down various of his websites.. or those he has participated in.
and what are the chances of jake being made to wear a beard in his lifetime or his grandchildrens', em?
jno, If he carries on defending the indefensible, his chances could be greater than either you - or he - imagines!
a date, naomi, a date?

(Reminder - 2010 percentage of Muslims in the population: 4%)

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