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pugthedog | 22:30 Tue 19th Feb 2013 | News
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did anyone else notice the pm called kate princess kate not the duchess on tonights news


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Well it's probably better than her official title, which is 'Princess William' ;-)

(Her Royal Highness Princess William, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Lady Carrickfergus)
Big Dave, no class.
yes, he got that one wrong...

now if you go to a crap school, what do you expect?
He is a plonker, a lot like Blair, slick car salesmen.
Well, you all *** him if he speaks/behaves aloof, then when her speaks as per the majority of the populous you have a go too. Make your minds up.

And no, I am not a fan of him or her. Totally agree with the Blair comparison, virtually nothing between them.
Yes, I noticed. I've no doubt he's aware of her title - but I thought it was a nice touch.
who cares ,they are both a pair of PLONKERS.
Cameron refused to say sorry for a masacre that happemed in India about 90 years ago. I think its in retaliation for all the visitors who have caught Delhi Belly while there on holiday. Royalty always takes precautions and the Queen took her own kitchen staff and also shook hands with her long white gloves. Things have probably improved now.

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