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Todays voting.

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Gromit | 07:52 Thu 15th Nov 2012 | News
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The By-elections look predictable. The Conservatives will lose Corby by a big distance and Labour will hold the other two.
The interesting thing will be the LibDem vote. Will it entirely collapse? Will they come fourth at Corby? Will UKip beat them?

I suspect the Independent candidates will do well in the Police Commissioner Elections and possibly Labour getting the most political party wins.
The interesting thing here will be the turnout. Will it be below 20% nationally? Does a very small turnout make the wins less credible? Is it all a serious waste of money?

Do you agree with my predictions or do you have any of your own?


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Sadly the turnout will probably be around the 20% mark.

Your predictions seem very believeable, and I agree. There is only one of the 4 candidates in our area that has the credentials for PC, and he's Independent.

The minute Clegg jumped into bed with Cameron, for his moment of glory, the LibDems died and at the next general election I predict less than 20 seats.
we have no vote round here other than for the Police post, and frankly most people aren't bothered about that one - we don't know anything about the candidates, only one has made any effort to contact anyone.
That's the same as us boxtop, Conservative candidate shoved a card through the door last week. I'm not bothering to be honest.
Boxy, We've had no information whatsoever on that - not even a leaflet. I suspect our polling station will be pretty empty today.
You can find out about your PCC candidates here - this web address is printed on the polling cards that we've received; having it online does save on all the printed leaflets that come through the door and which go straight to the rubbish bin.

Having said that, none of those standing here fill me with any enthusiasm for voting so I probably won't.
Bibble, I can't be bothered. If they want my vote, they engage with me, not the other way round.
bibblebub, //having it online does save on all the printed leaflets that come through the door//

Some people, especially the elderly, don't have computers. The lack of information has been abysmal.
Boxy & Naomi, we've had no information whatsoever on that - not even a leaflet. I suspect our polling station will be pretty empty today.
Why are the police commissioner elections being contested by candidates affiliated to the main political parties? All that will happen is people will vote against the government of the day just like they do in local elections with no thought as to the candidate's suitability for such an important job, the elections will become meaningless.
naomi24 - there is no reason why ABers can't visit that site to find information about the candidates.
Bibblebub, true - but I'm not thinking only of ABers.
Reckon you are pretty well bang on with your predictions. Not sure about liberal vote, will liberal voters go for another party or not vote? Remains to be seen I guess.

I suspect overall the turnout to be low, would expect more in the by elections though.

As for Police commissioner, it is a waste of time. No canvassing, leaflets or anything and whilst, as pointed out, some can get internet information many dont have access to this. and added to that, why should the electorate go and find out, surely it is the candidates courting the post, not us courting the candidate.
Thanks for the link, from which I've discovered,with no surprise, that our candidates from the main parties are self-important suits, not up to the job. The best candidate is an independent who has some experience of such work and has been a JP as well. He's got no chance, if people are going to seize the opportunity of making a protest vote against the government or are party faithful. That seems a safe bet.
who needs a crime commissioner when they've got Boris?
Unfortunately, jno, it's the rest of England & Wales who are having this quango stuffed into the plethora of local "government" appointees, as in

On Thursday 15 November 2012 new elections are taking place in England and Wales (excluding London).

On this date you will be asked to choose a Police and Crime Commissioner for your local police force.

Who is standing for election?

The elections will happen in 41 police force areas in England and Wales (excluding London).

London isn't voting as they already have a Police Commissioner, and a Boris.
There is also no reason why folk shold be expected to search out a website to get information. It is a failure of the democratic system and an epic fail by the authorities.
Boris is the police commissioner. How trustworthy a job he is doing is hinted at in the third item here:

Never mid the honesty, feel the hairdo!
I've just been to vote in the Police Commissioner election.
The voting population of the two villages using my polling station is ~3,500 according to the 2001 census. I asked at the polling station if they had been busy and was told I was number 45.
So far ( at 16.00) turnout has been <1.3%.
If the turnout triples before 22.00 turnout will be <5%.
Do you think the government will take heed of the low turnout and change their minds about Police Commissioners?
My wife and I went to vote for Police Commissioner at 10.00 a.m. and we were told that we were only the sixth and seventh voters to show up since doors opened at 7.00 a.m. So, the predicted low turnout seems to be a fact, at least in our area.
With ref. to this mornings post giving de tails of where to find info about your candidates on the Net, NO WAY, you want my vote you get off your backside and tell me about yourself or it is just not going to happen.
As no-one has, I haven't either.

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