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Todays voting.

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Gromit | 07:52 Thu 15th Nov 2012 | News
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The By-elections look predictable. The Conservatives will lose Corby by a big distance and Labour will hold the other two.
The interesting thing will be the LibDem vote. Will it entirely collapse? Will they come fourth at Corby? Will UKip beat them?

I suspect the Independent candidates will do well in the Police Commissioner Elections and possibly Labour getting the most political party wins.
The interesting thing here will be the turnout. Will it be below 20% nationally? Does a very small turnout make the wins less credible? Is it all a serious waste of money?

Do you agree with my predictions or do you have any of your own?


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On a quick google re voter turnout today, the following seem to be an ongoing trend..

Extract from http://www.yorkpress....ommissioner_election/

One local resident outside the polling station at the National Centre for Early Music in Walmgate - which by midday had recorded just three percent turnout - said he had voted, but described the entire process as an "utter sham".


Mr Miller also tweeted this morning: “Slow voting at most polling stations in @WyreForestDC - barely one per cent at some after four hours of voting”.
At 9.45am he revealed one Wyre Forest polling station still had not seen a voter since it opened at 7am.

Another vote for No more beareaucrats please...
I believe the reason for the lack of leaflets is twofold .
1. The 41 candidates have to pay for them. Compare that with the 600 odd MPs. who only have 60,000 constituents.
2. The areas are about 6 times the size of a parliamentary area so each candidate would have to pay for leaflets to serve about 400,000 people. plus postage.

There are limits on how much you can spend. Hampshire is the highest at
£260k .

That's why all the information is on the web. I read it , voted by post and it all took 10 minutes of my time.

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Todays voting.

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