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looks like its going to kick off in the middle east.....

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stokemaveric | 23:04 Wed 14th Nov 2012 | News
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israel have killed the hamas most senior military leader in gaza..this could get nasty...


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Hey ho, the Republicans didn't get elected in the US so Isreal knows Obama will not supporti a pre-emptive attack on Iran.

So the Isrealis have to settle for the next best thing, a barrel shoot in Gaza instead. Naval bombardments are notoriously imprecise, and to do so in a heavily populated (by civilians) area is a war crime. But nothing will be done to stop them. There might be a UN resolution, but the US will not support it.
Why should any country that is being bombarded with up to 60 rockets a day not retaliate - I am sure we would.
Who actually started this? Genuine question; I dont have much time for either side.
There's a strong argument for saying that we (and our then allies) did in Article 22 of the draft Covenant of the League of Nations and the San Remo Resolution of 25 April 1920...
//Who actually started this? //

I'm reluctant to say this, but ....God.
As Israel has always said , stop firing rockets at us and we dont have to retaliate for any reason, but do hamas have the brains to understand the simple logic of that statement ?! DTF
I don't care -I'm supporting Israel every time !!
Why is it that 2 populations in the same country can't get along together. Ireland is the same!

Instead of building more illegal settlements for Israeli citizens why don't they share the wealth and expertise so the Arabs are not downtrodden and walked over. Why don't Israel build houses and supply jobs to the Arabs and have them sitting round the same table to decide the future of the country instead of treating them like muck..
Would you sit round a table chatting and giving them jobs and wealth when they have threatened to obliterate you from the face of the earth pdq - who is treating who like muck.
i knew that someone would blame us.
It is not Israeli Arabs that are being fought. They already live and work with Jews and non-Arabs in Israel.

It is Hamas, Hezbollah and the various other screw-ball factions who cannot see beyond mindless hate and will sacrifice their own people in pursuit of their mad dream of wiping out Israel.
About right Raleigh, both terrorist organisations voted in by the palestinians.
As we've alread done the rest of the world, might as well get the blame for this as well..


But..... we've been there, never return!
I'd like to ask a question of the people who 'support' Israel. Is theft right or wrong? I don't mean on a small scale like robbing a bank, but on a giant scale. Murdering entire villages to frighten others into fleeing, flattening their villages, rebuilding settlements on the same site with a different name.
Most amusing when Israel talks of Terrorism


Thats before we start about the series of assassinations of Iranian physicists recently!

Talk about pot calling the kettle black!

All this is because there's an election in Israel in 2 months time and someone wants to play tough guy to the electorate!
Sandy there's been so much ombing and shooting and stealing on both sides that it's pointless trying to unpick it morally.

It's like 2 kids in a dungheap throwing cowpats ant each other telling each other they're uncivilised.

It would have been broken up years ago were it not for the huge Jewish lobby in the US.

The americans give Israel $8.5 million a day military aid - without this money they'd be forced to negotiate seriously

With it they don't have to

And the US flies over there pretending to play peacemaker whilst supplying one side with huge amounts of arms and amunitions.

Of course other countries do similar on the other side
There's an easy answer to all this, all Hamas and the Palestinians have to do, is take 'the destruction of Israel' out of their mandate, and agree to live in peace.

Won't happen though.

you really are clueless

you think israel just travels the world picking off random innocent strangers ?!

iranian physicists...hmmmm let me think about that for a moment...would that be the same iran thats hell bent on getting nuclear weapons and has been hellbent on wiping israel out "in a firestorm" .

would that be the same iran that funds/sponsors/arms hamas, the terrorist group that fires rockets into israel on a near daily basis

or is there some other iran i'm not aware of
The murder and ethnic cleansing which was considered a necessary part of the foundation of Israel is the great crime here. The Palestinians are the victims and it's wrong to suggest that both sides are equally to blame.
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looks like its going to kick off in the middle east.....

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