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new celeb arrest

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flipnflap | 13:24 Thu 15th Nov 2012 | News
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Word is that Dave Lee Travis has just been arrested in the aftermath of the Savile scandal. He follows Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr who were both taken in for questioning and then released in the last few weeks. Strikes me the police are only arresting these people to please the Media. Nothing will ever come of these arrests otherwise as the "victims" - genuine as they may well be - don't have any evidence against these celebs, so nothing is proveable in court. Your thoughts please


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Potentially the 'clebs' could also be victims of malicious vendetta or simply nutters.

Yet more trial by media, these people guilty or not will always be tarnished by the brush.

Could never stand DLT though, rith tw*t
Let's hope DLT's accusers are a little more on the money than the person who wrongly identified Lord McAlpine.

There is evidence which could support a prosecution in the form of the testimony of the alleged victim. That is all that may be necessary. It is a popular misconception that there has to be more than one witness or independent witnesses to secure a conviction. Whether the CPS consider the testimony of the alleged victim alone to be strong enough to support a realistic chance of conviction, however, is another matter.
//ITV said "appropriate disciplinary action" had been taken after a presenter inadvertently broadcast a list of names of alleged child abusers taken from the internet. //

Would that be in respect of the silver/grey haired presenter - and if so I wonder what form the ' appropritae disciplinary action ' took
It should be in terms of the producer and editor who plan out the format in advance.

PS follows instructions from them - although i am sure with hindsight he wishes he had followed what must have been his instinct - not to touch the grubby stunt with a barge pole.
I'd be really careful about naming names until they are given officially. To save flipnflap getting a knock on the door at 7am one morning by the police, it might be better if this thread was taken down?

Unless, of course, the name has been given officially? Has it?

There's going to be a few more being contacted after falsely naming Lord McAlpine.
Just saw it on the news that DLT has been arrested.
I can't believe it, not the '' Hairy Cornflake '' for gawds sake.
If the name of a suspect who has been arrested in a connection with a possible crime is announced by the media, or indeed chatforums, facebook, twitter etc in advance of a formal identification by the Police, is that an offence?
As I understand it, during the course of the investigation at the N. Wales Care Home, the victim was shown a photograph of a man who he recognised as his abuser. The Police then wrongly named this man as Lord McAlpine (although it does seem that it may have been someone with a similar name), to the victim and to the media.
it might not be an offence, but as we have seen, it can lead to the person who has been wrongly accused suing the people who supposedly outed them.
I trust McAlpine is demanding an apology from the police, as Kelvin McKenzie recently did for misleading him over the Hillsborough disaster.

I wonder if they've actually found anyone who named McAlpine? Newsnight didn't.
The person who wrongly identified Lord McAlpine is well known:


He has had the decency to admit his mistake. A number of "celebreties" who repeated the allegations on various social media sites have not been so forthcoming.
//Whether the CPS consider the testimony of the alleged victim alone to be strong enough to support a realistic chance of conviction, however, is another matter.//
I can assure you they do - often wrongly.
Can we exhume McCarthy and bring him over to supervise all of this?
Steve Messham claimed that it was the policeman who showed him pictures of his abusers who identified one of them as McAlpine.
This seems unlikely to me, to put it politely. He's either lying, McAlpine is lying or there is a policeman somewhere who for some reason wrongly named the person in the photo.
Additionally, the person that the MP Tom Watson refers to in relation to the Bryn Estyn abuse is probably a different person, not McAlpine anyway.
There's a lot more digging to be done there I think, but of course many have now been scared off from doing so by the threat of legal action.
As I said before it's hardly surprising Jimmy Savile got away with what he did when we see this.
Have the BBC got it right this time?

A number of 'celebreties' who repeated the allegations on various social media sites have not been so forthcoming.

Are you sure, New Judge? Several have apologised, as far as I know, though I'm not sure any of them did actually say McAlpine was a paedophile.

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new celeb arrest

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