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Is food too cheap?

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anotheoldgit | 15:49 Wed 07th Nov 2012 | News
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At a time in Britain when food parcels are being distributed, children are allegedly going to school hungry, and shoppers are complaining about the increase in their weekly food bill, here we have chief at Unilever saying "that Food is too Cheap"

I agree that far too much food is being wasted, but surely that is all down to bad kitchen practices and not because it is too cheap.

The housewives of yesteryear faced with the ordeals of food rationing, made sure none was wasted, all scraps were saved and made into soups or stews.


Ladies please don't jump on me for singling out women, when I used the word 'Housewives' because that was the correct terminology in 'days of yore', and we all know that the 'Chapesses' take their turn in the kitchen nowadays. :0)


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i don;t think food is cheap. i agree i think its wasted. 'im guilty of it, i wander round the supermarket buying stuff cos it looks nice or its on offer then don't eat it.

ive found if i go to the market i tend to buy what i need
The wrong types of food are too cheap, the right types to expensive.
But it does not end there it is also down to education - home ec needs to be taught in schools again, in the last year in high school we had to feed a family of four on a £10 for a grade mark.
My Chapess doesn't ! (lazy b*gger)
I don't agree that the wrong types of food are cheap. pasta rice potatoes lentils,or beans combined with a lower price protein such as mince,cheese, stewing meats, even canned tuna make nutritious meals -trouble is there are fewer and fewer people know how to cook theses things. Home Economics (cookery)should be compulsory in Schools - I still remember some of the recipes taught at school and that was a very long time ago. @ FGT feeding a family of 4 for a £10? that's a bit generous '-)
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Sorry can't quite get my head around your logic here, why do you buy food you don't want, if you think it is too expensive?
Sorry meant to say for a week - but then again I did got to a private school so who knows!! lol

When I say the wrong type of food - you can go into iceland and fill a basket up for £20 with junk and that will feed your family easily for 5 days!
food is not cheap, but cheap I suppose depends on your income relates to one's perspective of cheap.
I managed to buy 3 meals for 4 for a tenner a couple of weeks ago.
Probably not the finest nutritious food, but it filled our bellies.
(It was just main courses)
Now if you want to talk expensive then lets talk about cat food - I spend more on that than I do on Mr FGT and I.
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The housewives of yesteryear were mostly just that. Nowadays most women work as well as running a house and raising children. Time poverty seems to be the biggest problem from where I'm sitting.
I can't believe that people can't be bothered to chop up their veg.
Depends on what you are buying and where. Our christian turkey will cost a fortune as did some veal shin last weekend. On the other hand we bought a sack of brussell sprouts for £2, 4 leeks for £1 and a cabbage for £0.50p at a farmers market.
Christian turkey?
What's a christian turkey McMouse?
I think in real terms food is cheaper than it has ever been.
3 chickens for a tenner from most major supermarkets - it used to be a luxury.
Milk £1.50 for 6 pints at Aldi; £1.74 at most other supermarkets.
Some veg is a bit pricey at the moment because of the weather but I still picked up some bargains - 5kg carrots £1.50 at Tesco.
Pork is very cheap and I saw a frozen turkey for £9.
its a turkey that does not beieve in sex before marriage!!
sadly McMouse there are people out there who would not know how to cook a cabbage or what to do with a leek, seriously
hc, but 'younger' people these days have no idea how to cook if you can't stick it in the micro for 5 mins!!
I really find it hard to believe that people can't do basic cooking. Especially with the amount of cooking programmes and the internet.
I agree ummmm...I'm sure that's just an excuse and a lot of people can't really be bothered to get off their harris' and make the effort

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