Why have the latest Euro lottery winners gone public?

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dave50 | 13:02 Tue 14th Aug 2012 | News
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Why would you? You leave yourself open to jealous abuse from all kinds of nut cases, not to mention begging letters. Also what about the bullying at school and the kidnap threat of their young children? At least if you kept it quiet you would have time to think things through and probably move before word did get out.
Are they put under pressure by Camalot to go public?


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dave I was just on the verge of posting the same question. Total madness IMO, cannot think why anyone would dream of it. With such a win I'm not sure I'd tell anybody outside my absolute immediate family - just my daughter in fact (maybe :-))
Sheer madness, I mean, why would you?
I suspect it would be difficult to keep your identity secret , following such a huge win .
The thinking might be just get it over and done with , then try and get on with
' normal ' difficult as that might be .
Im certainly keeping quiet about my £20 million win, you never know who it may attract, I could be inundated by a load nymphomaniac young women trying to molest me for my money!!
Yes, Camelot obviously have an enormous vested interested in exposing the "victims" - to boost the "it could be you" fantasy.
That's why I don't enter for these huge wins.
I seem to remember reading somewhere that they do sort of pressure the winners into going public. They tell them that it is easier to have someone (Camelot) manage the announcement as they can control the info released.

I would just keep schtum if it were me. Only my immediate family would be informed, not even my siblings or mum would be told.
Iv'e just done my letter of introduction re my 'charity' , to send off .
Tell your immediate family and you might as well broadcast it on National TV.
It would be all over your neighbourhood in 48 hours.
Would i hell! You would get gangsters threatning you and everything xx
I give family money but not disclose what i won! Always thought id get something in place for them not to disclose how much i gave them LOL xx
If I won that sort of money, my first phone call would be to coutts bank in london to set up a new account where secrecy is guaranteed and where such sums are routine. i would never go public. repeat, never! if camelot puts winners under pressure, then camelot should have its franchise revoked forthwith for wholly improper conduct.
Quite agree, norm. One day's fame and then years of trouble. It's no good Camelot saying they'd have someone stopping the begging letters or the trouble from mad people. If nobody knows, and you're discreet, all that's avoided.

If it just got out in this village, I'd have to move, never mind the whole world knowing! But somebody managed to resist the pressure: there was a winner of £113 million who remained anonymous.
They must be nuts to go public.

I didn't.

Err, I mean "wouldn't".
I feel the same as daffy354. I suspect that Camelot would 'strongly advise' the winners to announce their win with the support of Camelot, to get it 'over and done with'.

I personally would tell family and friends that I'd been bequeathed and amount in a will and leave it at that. I would then deal with questions relating to my brand new gold-plated Aston Martin, and diamond encrusted mink coat when the time came.
I think The Sun (so himself said) was offering cash to anyone who would reveal the identity of the winners, if that was the case I'd be buggared if I'd let some Judas earn a few quid out of me. I think it's illegal in Spain to reveal the winner of the lottery because of the fear of kidnap, not a bad idea and I wouldn't be against it here.
While a small win on the lottery could be kept quiet, there is no way a win of this size could be kept quiet.

You only have to tell one other person and news would get out.

And do you think if you told your sister or brother or mother or father that they would not tell would spread like wildfire.

I actually feel sorry for people who win this much money because of all the problems it would bring (worry of kidnap of children, burglers, attitude of relative and friends etc - if you dont give them money you are a skinflint, if you do give them money you are showing off - you cant win).

Personally I would ban lottery wins of this size. It is obscene a person can win this much money.

A local charity near me that looks after my disabled son may have to close because they have lost £20,000 of their funding, then one person wins 148 million on the lottery - disgusting.
If I were ever in that fortunate position I would be obliged to go public as it would be the only way I could inform members of my estranged family that I was now very, very rich and they are not mentioned in the will! That alone would more than compensate for any subsequent hassle.
A bit on the news at 1 (BBC) they said they went public so when they gave money to their family and friends it wouldn't be something they'd have to hide.

Aye right.

I'd keep schtumm.
it would be become known at any rate, after all how long can you keep it a secret. Family, friends, someone would let slip then off you go.

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Why have the latest Euro lottery winners gone public?

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