Murder of Tia Sharp

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cantatrice | 14:21 Tue 14th Aug 2012 | News
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Can anyone tell me why Merton Council has been called in to
deal with this dreadful murder? Neither New Addinton or
Croydon are in Merton. Also, why has the body not been formally
identified? Have they not heard of DNA?


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Guessing, but if someone has badly ricked up the child protection side of the scenario, it needs to be investigated by a body not connected to the ones who made the ricks.
Identifying the body - possibly, as it seems she was in some kind of bag (?large sports bag?) and left in a warm loft for a week of warm weather, this will be a challenging thing for pathology to prepare for viewing, and for a traumatised relative to view.
DNA - yes, straightforward, expensive, takes time. They possibly are awaiting results as we write.
we all see on telly these csi this and csi that where actors walk around wth torches ,however , in reality the body and location needs to be closely searched.
Enough errors have already happened.
//Have they never heard of DNA?//

DNA is not a magic wand

it tells you if one sample is the same as anothe sample - there is no authoratative database of everybody's DNA so what would you suggest they comare to?
JTP - a close relative's DNA?
A close relative's DNA will be different

A mother's or Grandmother's mitachondrial DNA would be the same but it's a pretty long winded way to get an official identification

Normally only the sort of thing done when there's a reason why someone can't do a formal identification or doubt over it

Real case of a sledgehammer to crack a nut
Tia Sharp's home (with her mother) was in Mitcham.

This is why Merton Council is involved.
Erm...have you tried asking Merton Council?
i read somewhere that as merton ss (my take on social services) have started a case review not as a matter of course, but because there had been either some involvement with tia/her family and this is what prompted their action. if you cast your mind back and think of other recent child deaths, ss is not always involved or complete a case review investigation. methinks they may have cocked up.
It has to be a disinterested party, e.g. another council - since they will be investigating services in that council area, you can't investigate yourself.
In high profile cases like this is there a problem when it comes to trial as the whole counry would know about it so how could a jury be chosen with open minds
its because councils are petty little bureaucratic busybodies.

there is no need for the council to get involved, but it will give them something to do, at their Birt speak, blue sky outside the box risk assessment awareness analysis meetings.

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Murder of Tia Sharp

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