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Another Government U-Turn

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Gromit | 13:42 Wed 25th Jul 2012 | News
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// PCS general secretary, Mark Serwotka, said a Home Office decision to hire 1,100 staff – including 800 border employees – had convinced the union to cancel its [strike] plans. "We believe that significant progress means that there is no case for the union to proceed with industrial action tomorrow," he said. //

As usual, I am glad the Government have finally seen sense and done an about turn, but what a shambles they are. Whatever you thought of Thatcher or Blair, at least if they made a difficult decision they kept to it. This lot act tough but throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble.

Are they a complete waste of space?


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It's not a U turn! How gullible are you? They gave the unions a way out, they realised that striking would make them even more unpopular, the government gave them a bone they can keep till after the games as long as they are good boys.

For "complete waste of space" see 1997 - 2010
They said one thing, then did another, but it's not a u-turn?
come back when they have actually hired those staff, this is classic, "give them a way to back down stuff" - See "Cuban missile crisis" for a more serious example.
Have to say Gromit, cant see 800 border staff being suddenly employed. Mind you i would be happy if they did, I reckon if they keep out the unwanted then they would pay for themselves.
Who was going on strike over missiles in Cuba Moonraker?
Question Author
They gave the Unions a way out by completely giving them all that they wanted. The PCS must be smarting from that defeat.
The PCS union is a pile of Sh!te. I was a reluctant member because they took over the union I was in and then completely ignored us. They mananged to agree with our bosses a £5,000 a year salary decrease without even informing the members that they were in negotiations. When we were informed and tried to challenge it it was too late and all cut and dried. They lost a lot of members who moved to other unions. I think they should not be able to call strikes unless at least fifty per cent of the members had voted. Don't think they ever get fifty per cent voting. The government spokesman on the lunchtime news denied offering them anything and said there were over 300 unfilled vacancies so why offer more bodies. I know who I would believe. PCS are a complete waste of space and I would not give them any credibility at all.
So, BD, you disagree with strikes "unless at least fifty per cent of the members had voted". How about disagreeing with the election of any MP where less than 50% of the electorate in the constituency voted?
quiz #How about disagreeing with the election of any MP where less than 50% of the electorate in the constituency voted?#

I think that's a great idea being as the turnout in many areas is less than 50% already we could at a stroke rid of all those MPs and if it also applied to local government it would get rid of 90% of them . That would shake up a lot of people.
Much as I have sympathy for some of those on the front line of the borders agency, which does seem to have been cut back too much cope with the influx of visitors to the UK, I always felt it was a somewhat cynical exercise by the PCS (?) union.

I am not entirely sure what concessions they feel they have won from the government - as best I can tell, the govt have not conceded anything - It seems more a case of recognising the potential harm of the poor public relations such a strike would engender.
Gromit I know you are wallowing in the folds of the red flag but I have listened to all the interviews and I can't find anything that justifies your jubilation.
All that seems to have happened is that the union has given way to the threat of legal action and I think public opinion. All that appears to have happened is that some staff are going to be taken on in the future. So what that was going to happen anyway.
Quiz - I agree that in an ideal world everyone should vote and if fifty per cent of the constituency could not be bothered to vote then they should just have to accept whatever happened as a consequence of their laziness. Like Modeller said there would be a big shake up and then people might start taking notice.
Gromit, you're in danger of becoming like that rebelsouls bloke who just used to rant on and on ad nauseum about the BBC, only with you it's the coalition government.

I'm sure it's a glorious victory for the union. It must be because we've been told that by the union. I'm just pleased the strikes been called off, for whatever reason.
Modeller, you AGREE with me!!! That's gotta be a first. I'm glad to see you are of a similar mind, BD. I'm sure we wouldn't need to reduce the number of MPs "artificially", as quite a few would become 'natural wastage'

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Another Government U-Turn

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