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Government Formally Drops Academies Legislation

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mikey4444 | 13:17 Fri 28th Oct 2016 | News
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Another U-Turn. You can't take your eyes of this lot for 5 mins, without a major plank in their legislation program disappearing.

From my link above :::

"The element of compulsion was dropped by the government after protests from many councils, including the mainly Conservative members of the County Council Network, who were opposed to forcing high-performing schools in their areas to convert"


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I thought they'd already done this some while ago.
Common sense prevails. We just be thankful for that.
Mikey, Is the government not allowed to change its policies after listening to those who might be affected?
I don't class this as a U-Turn.

May is busily and effectively dismantling Cameron/Osbourne policies, and erasing the pair from political history. Anything the two had their hands on has been chopped.

A I-Turn is when the leader does one thing, and then is forced to do the opposite. All May is doing is righting past errors. She should be congratulated.
Why are you so obsessed with the term 'U-turn' ? Surely it is better the Government listened to it's population or should they soldier on regardless?

I do appreciate this is totally alien to the party you support but maybe they should start listening to their voters to so as not to drift into obscurity?
The modus operandi of Cameron led Governments was to not properly consult on a new policy. The would announce it, and professionals would say why it wouldn't work. They were ignored and massive sums of money would be spent on the changes. And then they wouldn't work and the Government would change stuff back.
The Government weren't listening, quite the opposite. It is those U-Turns which were rightly criticised .
Dont get your point Gromit, May is clearly listening?

As I'm sure you are aware I hated Camoron and Gideon they were a right douche de merde.
That is good news.
I see that Mikey is conspicuous by his absence.
I'm going to agree with Gromit here, the country benefits if she destroys some of the claptrap that Cameron and Osbourn screwed up, more power to her elbow!!
Question Author
Danny....Mikey is not conspicuous by his absence, but merely trying to earn a crust. That comment from other people I might have expected, but not from you !

This most certainly IS a U-Turn. The Education Bill was a central piece of legislation brought in by this Government, which is only 18 months old. It was announced in the Queens Speech only a few months ago.

I, too, welcome the U-turn, but it only came about because "many councils, including the mainly Conservative members of the County Council Network"

Mrs May hasn't been listening to "the people" but to her own Party, and she has dropped academy plans, so that the thrust of the rest of Bill, Grammar Schools, will not be lost in the process.

So, a U-Turn that I welcome. Now lets see if her plans for Grammar Schools suffers from the same fate, as these types of Schools are not popular either, with her own Party.
Mikey, you still haven't answered my post at 13.24
sigh. another manifestation of the inability of any government - of any political persuasion - to leave education alone for more than 5 minutes at a time, as it is subjected to someone's new strategy or doctor highfalutin's revolutionary new child-centric theory. it's a wonder Britain manages to churn out educated kids at all.
So you expect a change of Conservative leader and cabinet would not mean any change of policies, which this is. It is not a u-turn.
Question Author
Danny....I thought I had above ?

But, just in case I didn't make myself clear....Yes, they consulted the Tory Councils, that would have had the impossible task of implementation of the plans for compulsory Academies.

She should have done that consultation before asking Betty to announce it in the House of Lords.

The reason that she is dropping it now, is because the whole Bill would have been in danger of collapsing. And Grammar Schools are the new Tory flagship.
Mikey, all I wanted to know is whether a government is allowed to change its policies or not.
Mikey you appear to have contradicted your self in your last post. She either listened to Councils, including but not limited to tory ones, or she listened to the Party.

And listening to councils is often a good idea. They are closer to the public and usually bear the brunt of any Government policy from any party.
Why should the gifted excel??? Nothing wrong with these establishments if they are funded and managed properly.

It's not a U turn, if Camoron made the decision then YES that would be a U turn; I see this as a systematic drawback of some of the extremes of his policies, even a died in the wool red like yourself has to see the benefits Mikey
Question Author
The Tory Party or Tory-controlled Councils.........what difference does it make ?

Wider consultation should have been made before announcement of this new policy, then she wouldn't have had to make the U-Turn....that is the point I am making.

She has make a complete dogs breakfast of this new attempt to beggar-up kids education.
That should say why shouldn't the gifted excel - finger trouble, sorry

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Government Formally Drops Academies Legislation

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