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Government Formally Drops Academies Legislation

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mikey4444 | 13:17 Fri 28th Oct 2016 | News
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Another U-Turn. You can't take your eyes of this lot for 5 mins, without a major plank in their legislation program disappearing.

From my link above :::

"The element of compulsion was dropped by the government after protests from many councils, including the mainly Conservative members of the County Council Network, who were opposed to forcing high-performing schools in their areas to convert"


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Question Author
Ninefingers....I didn't vote for Cameron in 2010, and I didn't vote for him again in 2015.

I don't recall all the right-wingers on here, saying what a pillock he was in the run-up to either election. After the 2015 Election, there was a lot of crowing on here, that Cameron had managed to win an Election, without his nose stuck up the behinds of the LibDems. And he did, for what he should be congratulated on, even by me.

But its the same Government that the country had the opportunity to voice its opinion on in May 2015....its just a different PM. May didn't call an election after ousting Cameron.
Taking a wider view, and harping on with my usual argument, I don’t know why Mrs May doesn’t go the whole hog and remove the education remit from Local Authority control entirely. The State – and particularly local government - is rarely the best institution to provide essential services and quite why education (probably among the top three services on par with defence and health) is left to the machinations of self-serving Town Hall wallahs is beyond my understanding.

Education should be subsumed into the remit of national government (by which I mean the UK government, not the devolved nonsense that exists in the minor constituencies) and then privatised. That way Local Authority busybodies will be shorn of one of their most money-hungry responsibilities and ultimately will leave them to concentrate on emptying the dustbins.
Question Author
NJ......I think you will find that Tory-controlled Local Authorities are no more keen on that idea, than non-Tory-controlled ones. It might be popular with you, and a few others but turkeys are said to be most reluctant to vote for Xmas !

( the acceptance to that rule being, of course, the enthusiasm that UKIP MEPs have for biting the very generous hand that stuffs money into their mouths ! )
New Judge,
Free Schools and Academies were supposed to prove the case that schools should be run by Whitehall and not the local authority.
Only problem was, it proved the opposite. The Free School experiment failed. They are badly run and inefficient with no improvement in education standards. The have mainly been taken up by religious nut jobs for the purpose of indoctrinating Muslim, Jewish and Christian children.
Mikey, I keep pointing out to you that unless your beloved Labour party morph into something resembling a political party for the 21st century 'this lot' will run amok without challenge.
It's your own party you should be blaming.
I wasn’t making a party issue of it, Mikey. I doubt any local authority councillors or employees would be keen on the idea whatever party currently holds their reins (as you say, turkeys, Christmas, etc.).

The reason I make the argument is that State run services seem to be notoriously badly run and those provided by local authorities seem to exhibit incredible levels of ineptitude and mediocrity. There simply is no need for local authorities. The services they provide can easily be outsourced or controlled by a paid executive working under rules set by Westminster.

As far as the specific question of education goes, there is no earthly reason why State education, if it is to be provided, should be subject to the foibles of local politicians. Children should receive the same education and be subject to the same rigours wherever they live. There is no need for local politicians to become involved at all. In fact, there is very little need I can see for local government. It is simply a layer of bureaucracy and government which the electorate could survive perfectly well without. In fact in many respects they would survive much better because my experience of local authorities is that they do their best to intervene in people’s lives to justify their existence rather than facilitate anything their Council Taxpayers might want or need.
Yeah but where would all the under achievers and numpties be employed then? (not that all employees of LA's are numpties of course......just the vast majority).
thank god for that !

so the tories DO listen to the voters if they are TORY voters
such behaviour makes you think more of Red Corbo

Question Author
PP....the only reason that Mrs May is dropping these education proposals, is because she didn't check with the Councils concerned first. She is "frit" !
//She is "frit" ! //

Don't be so ridiculous!
Good grief, this is very simple.

While a cabinet Minister under Cameron, May had to go along with stuff she knew was rubbish. Now she has the power, she is righting a few wrongs.
Hopefully she will learn from Cameron's many mistakes, and she herself will not over-ride commonsense in favour of political dogma.
Question Author
Gromit....The difficulty is, is that it was the Tories under Cameron that the people were asked too vote for in 2015, not Mrs May and her new-fangled ideas in 2016.
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Question Author
DB....I said that we should have a new Election then, and I think that we should have a new Election now.

Grammar Schools were not in the Tory Party manifesto in 2015, and yet we are being deprived of a vote on the subject now.

That is neither just nor fair.
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when a government resigns rather than is ejected,
you dont normally have an election so long as the new one can command a majority in the House of commons

since at least 1800
Question Author need of any apology ! I believe in good, robust debate, and your post was just that. There are people on here that are rude and disrespectful, but you are not amongst that number.

To clarify my views.....If polices change so utterly, after an General Election, due to a complete change of PM and Cabinet, then its obvious to me that a new Election should be called, as the circumstances have changed. The people should be allowed a say.........after all, its us that put politicians there in the first place.

Whatever we feel about Grammar Schools, its a very emotive and divisive affair.
I’m at a loss to understand why any Labour supporter would want an election at the moment. It’s difficult to believe they want proof positive that Labour is a hopeless cause.

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Government Formally Drops Academies Legislation

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