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cash in hand

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BayBoy1 | 15:46 Wed 25th Jul 2012 | News
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David Gauke the mp who said paying cash in hand was immoral ? Guess what his wife does for a living??? She is a Tax Avoidance Solicitor OOPS,


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Didn't he ?
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No actually 2shortplanks

You're assuming he's assuming that

He said:

//"morally wrong" to pay tradesmen such as plumbers, builders and cleaners in cash * in the hope of avoiding tax.*//
Just as it is morally wrong for Phillip Green, Google and many others to pay little or no tax in the UK.

Perhaps he should start at the top and work his way down?
Any comments on takes avoidance/evasion from Tories are at the least disingenuous, given that the party is largely funded and supported by tax evaders.

" Ian Cameron, David’s father, built up their 2.75million fortune through the use of tax havens. Moreover, it is remarkable how silent Cameron stayed on the news that Gary Barlow had also used such schemes – but then again, he is an “old chum” as well as bona-fide Conservative supporter. And what about Andrew Mitchell, Tory Cabinet minister, who invested into firms which avoided paying £2.6million stamp duty? And Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt who avoided a £100,000 tax bill just days before the 2010 election. (Maybe then, its okay to avoid tax if you are a Tory?)"

And how about "Sir Phillip Green, the Topshop billionaire, accused of avoiding a tax bill of £300million – but appointed to review public spending cuts two years ago".
I think Mr Gauke should change his name to Mr Gowk. Gowk is the Scots name for the cuckoo and has come to mean simpleton.

pretty lame attempt to tory bash, still no suprise there.

lets see what phony blair pays/has paid on his 30, 40, 50 million.

he'll be using every trick and wheeze in the book to reduce his tax bill
I do not hold that it is morally wrong to ask for or give a discount for cash - especially when you see how much a bank charges a business client to pay a cheque in.
I believe Phoney paid in the region of £250,000 last year, a truly paltry sum when you consider what he earned. As for the Blair Witch Project that is Cherie?

Nevertheless, they should be stripped of party allegiance in our eyes and treated exactly the same. I pay taxes, as presumably, do most ABer's, so why shouldn't they?
Is it morally wrong for MPs to fiddle expenses?
Pointing the finger at tradespeople and small businesses, and tarring them all with the same brush seems a pretty transparent attempt by the tories to deflect attention away from the super - rich.

If they really wish to collect more tax, then they should focus their attention where it matters - multinationals funnelling profits through tax havens to avoid tax, the superrich squirrelling their funds away and in consequence paying much less than they should.

This is the government that proclaims that "we are all in it together" - Lets see them chase the money rather than trying to deflect attention away from the real tax avoiders.

Rojash had it absolutely right. If, as many on the right argue, Labour are too close to the unions, then by the same logic the Tories are far too close a small number of bankers and financiers who bankroll the party. Lets not forget Michael Ashcroft, who was a non dom for tax purposes for years, despite telling the party leadership he was paying tax in the UK.
Typical, do as I say not as I do, Hypocrites the lot of them.
I said this on earlier thread and the silence was deafening .
These tax evaders with money salted away in offshore accounts bankroll the political parties .That is more immoral in my book than a chap pocketing 20 quid for mowing a lawn .
I would love to be a fly on the wall in the Gauke household
Hello darling ..did you have a good day ?
Wonderful ..I've managed to piddle off the electorate well and good.
You had a good day darling ?
Great ..I've managed to advise X on how to salt all his money away in offshore accounts ....perfectly legal though !
Where are the children ?
Tut .....that's just reminded me ..I must pay the child minder you have any spare cash ?
Hypocrites .
According to the Daily telegraph, this Minister faces a backlash as Cameron, Clegg and Cable admit they engaged in the practice.
well, I'm right behind you, shaney.
I suspect this is actually some idiot openeing gob before engaging brain.

Lets face it allpoliticians on all sides have allegenies with tax 'avoiders' some with actual 'dodgers'. I doubt any party would serioulsy have this as an official agenda and indeed seems to reasonable quiet on all sides (except the public). I strongly suspect the senion Union paymasters are up to their neck in it too given the 'salaries' then now get.
It is one great cess pit and the only way out is to make tax affordable so it does not pay to avoid it. One flat rate starting high enough to ensure it pays to work and a very simplified tax system so loop holes are difficult to find.
quite often car manufacturers have 'no vat' deals

we dont for one moment assume that the manufacturer does not pay over the vat due on the deal to hmrc?

you wouldnt say, 'i like the car but morally cannot make the purchase because you are defrauding the exchequer'

dont forget a perceived bargain is a good selling hook,

lets say i would normally do the service for £120 (£100 + vat)

so i price it at £144...... but nudge- nudge if you pay cash i can give you a discount 'equivalent to the vat component' ......£24 = £120

the customer is happy to get a deal, i am happy to get proper cash flow,

and you never know the hmrc might get the vat

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