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Another Government U-turn. Britain to pay EU £435 million Extra!!

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Gromit | 08:46 Thu 28th Oct 2010 | News
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// David Cameron is preparing to retreat on pledges to cut the European Union budget and accept a deal that would increase British taxpayers’ contribution by at least £435 million.

As well the 2011 budget, EU leaders are about to begin wider talks on the budget for 2014-20, where Britain’s £3 billion annual rebate will come under pressure. //


Another U-turn? Or Paying our fair share in Europe?


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the figures i saw are M£429 equal to 2.9%.

that makes our contribution about 14.8 billion

less a rebate of 3 billion

sounds like a net contribution of 11.8 billion (almost 12 thousand million pounds)

do we get good value for that?

the new members get disproportionate returns on their input so the few net contributors are always going to be outvoted by the new grabbers with regard to a rise in budget
Bring back Maggi she would soon sort them out.

What we need are leaders with backbone.
Maggi got a rebate of £5 billion . Blair gave back £2 billion and and agreed to give back more each year thereafter. So at the moment it's worth about £3 and Cameron looks about to give back even more. Cameron is pro Europe as was Blair. In addition the EU want all members to increase their payments to support those who have bankrupted their countries.

# . Of course we’re not happy about it but there’s nothing we can do,” said a Government source. # Gutless !
"the EU want all members to increase their payments to support those who have bankrupted their countries."

I think that should read: "the EU want all members to increase their payments to support those who have bankrupted their countries *by joining the Euro*".
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I bet she can still swing her handbag.

Even in her poor frail state she is still heads above what we have in power now.
Question Author
Do you feel let down by Cameron then AOG?
I feel let down by every leader since 1973. They have all, even the great MrsT sold us out to the EU for various motives starting with the treacherous heath. We need to stop paying this sh0wer of sh1te now. What will they do if we stop paying? Send in the debt collectors and sell Tower bridge to the Dutch or something? perlease.
R1 Geezer I couldnt agree more - Heath was probably the worst untried traitor we have known - the whole EU is a corrupt gravy train. We can get along without them and their grubbing habits
Hope France and Germany...sorry the EU, don't hint that Cameron could be president of Europe. Our rebate will probably be reduced to zero.
rojash # *by joining the Euro*". # I think they bankrupted themselves by being in the EU not just by being in the Euro zone. They availed themselves of all the fiddles and the crazy CAP.
Miraculously the number of vineyards in Greece trebled over night . Spain went on a road and building spending spree as did Ireland. and Portugal. And the UK we gave 140% morgages to people on the dole.
Have we learnt any lessons ? I doubt it !
When Blair gave away a billion of our rebate he got nothing in return and neither will Cameron .No I stand corrected he will get some pious promises.

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Another Government U-turn. Britain to pay EU £435 million Extra!!

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