May they forever rest in peace.

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anotheoldgit | 11:42 Fri 22nd Jun 2012 | News
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Such harrowing scenes from the funeral of the six innocent children of the Philpotts.

So much so that one has to ask why are the press and other Media allowed to intrude into what should be the family's personal grief.

The most harrowing image for me was the old lady in the wheel chair, why did she have to endure all this in the twilight of her life?


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This was no ordinary funeral in many ways and as such there is widespread public interest. Here is a man who has/had 17 children by 5 different women , all paid for by the state.
He is suspected of killing 6 of them and was barracked at the inquest by people who knew him personally.
During the last few years we have had several cases where parents and others have cried crocodile tears over children they have killed directly or by neglect.

What is more they could have had a much more private funeral, but they chose to turn it into a procession along the streets , with the blessing of the Catholic Church of which he was a staunch follower.

It is an appalling story as is always the case when children are involved and even more so when the parents are the prime suspects but lets face it if it happened in your neighbourhood , would you have stayed at home so it could be left to close family and friends ?

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May they forever rest in peace.

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