May they forever rest in peace.

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anotheoldgit | 12:42 Fri 22nd Jun 2012 | News
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Such harrowing scenes from the funeral of the six innocent children of the Philpotts.

So much so that one has to ask why are the press and other Media allowed to intrude into what should be the family's personal grief.

The most harrowing image for me was the old lady in the wheel chair, why did she have to endure all this in the twilight of her life?


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RIP wee bairns !

Nessie :(
I refuse to look at pictures of funerals and the like. I seem to recall a discussion along the same lines some time back on here but my thoughts lie with your statement about intrudind on someones else grief.
Absolutely heartbreaking - for what?
I fully agree that the press should not go to funerals, it shouldn't be against the law but the press should give more consideration to the grief of the people at the funeral.

It is so sad that someone has started this fire deliberately and taken the life of so many innocents.
I wonder why the parents didn't want to attend? Some would take this as guilty consciences and would nail them in front of a jury.
They are in custody, not a case of wouldn't want to.
pdq1 - the parents weren't allowed to attend for security reasons. It would have turned the service in to more of a media service than it was, and the rent a mob would have been out in force, with possibly a vigilante or two.
The parents are at present remanded in custody. How could they attend?
In the photos there are onlookers taking photos and videos. That is worse than the press.
Being in custody does nto necessarily mean you cant attend, however in this case it's probably best. Very sad of course if they are innocent.

As for rent a mob, i dont think this would happen. There are plenty of people who would demonstrate for free on a case like this, even if not guilty yet.
Those poor children, may they reast in peace.

This report said the parents 'did not' attend. That does not say 'could not' if my English is correct.
It was reported that the parents were not 'given leave to attend'

The poor children.
That has to be one of the saddest things I have ever read....not the article, but the descriptions of each child. So full of life and as has been said....lost, for what?

RIP little ones.

Lisa x
Anyway they are innocent until proved guilty so maybe they had the choice.
And maybe Plod 'strongly advised them' not to attempt going.
pdq1 "Mick Philpott, 55, and wife Mairead, 31, were left distraught when their request for c­ompassionate leave to attend the funerals was refused on safety grounds."
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The burial is private. There is no way to stop people or press taking photos in a public place.

It's a shame Duwayne is described as the eldest brother in the Order of Service, he isn't.

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May they forever rest in peace.

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