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anotheoldgit | 09:58 Fri 22nd Jun 2012 | News
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Although today's London bus strike will be most disruptive for travellers, and I presume will not attract much public support, have the bus drivers got a point?

The Tube drivers and the overhead Train drivers have received a massive bonus for the Olympic period, is it not also fair that the bus drivers should also receive a bonus?


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If anything is unfair it is that bonuses are being given at all.

The bonus being given to the train drivers is nothing more than the payment of a bribe to stop them taking any action during the Olympics.
the bus drivers in Edinburgh deserve a medal during this tram fiasco..everywhere is a mess ...soon be festival on top of the existing turmoil !!
I agree with flip flop, the transport industry is not the only one to be busier than usual over the Olympics, I think it's a travesty that this bonus has been allowed at all.
Question Author
Well I don't think it is just about the Olympic bonus, it seems that Bus drivers are considered unworthy of a wage comparable to a train driver.

There is a system of hierarchy were the transport of travellers are concerned, ie Airline Pilot - Train Driver - Bus Driver, but each has the same responsibility for their passengers lives.

They say air travel is the safest and I presume Bus travel the most hazardous and dangerous.

To simplify things, take the Airline Pilot, once he has took off aided by the ground staff, his co-pilot and the on-board computer, nothing much can go wrong until it's time for him to land.

Then take the Train Driver he doesn't even need to steer his vehicle, just keep his hand on the 'Dead Man's Lever', hardly any danger of other trains shooting out in front of him.

But the Bus Driver, he has to contend with a multitude of hazards while negotiating today's traffic congested roads, and at times dealing with irate passengers etc.

One scenario was highlighted on a radio phone-in by a Lady London Bus Driver who was forced to continue to drive her bus during the London riots, even though the Police were told to stand back because of the risks to their safety.

This Lady was stopped by the mobs and high-jacked for her cash, while being terrified that the bus might be torched if she didn't cooperate.

No in my opinion these bus drivers are vastly under paid.
I think you make a good point AOG, but I also think train drivers are vastly overpaid. If bus drivers were paid a comparable wage, then I doubt many would afford to get on buses.
AOG can't belive this, but you and I are in conflict again, however you are to the left me to the right???

This is blackmail nothing more nothing less. I see your argument, but they were happy to sign on for the salary offered and they are not being asked to work any more hours. I defend the rights of unions wholehartedly, but this is mis-use of thier power.

I have no doubt they will get their money, little choice, when the redundancies come, as they will, all would be well to rememer this.
Question Author

We may be in conflict most of the time Dave, but I think with a little thought, we come come together over this one.

I along with you consider this blackmail, but started by the more highly paid Tube and Above Ground Train drivers, so isn't it only human nature for the Bus Drivers to also want a piece of the cake?

But the cast has been set and others are bound to seek equality, but where could it end, Refuge Collectors, Street Cleaners etc, all wanting a bonus due to the increase in their amount of work due to the Olympics?

But I wonder if these same Drivers or workers would be willing to take a drop in wages if there was later to be a drop in passenger numbers or not so much rubbish to clean up etc?
I agree with flip_flop.

I actually didn't even realise there was a bus strike today nor the reasons behind it until I got in to work. All I noticed was that the northern line was a bit more slow than usual.
Differentials in pay are usually about incremental skills and/or training.

Would an airline pilot be capable of getting behind the wheel of a bus?


Would a train driver be capable of getting behind the wheel of a bus?


Would I be capable of getting behind the wheel of a bus?


Would a bus driver (or I) be capable of taking control of a plane?


Would a bus driver (or I) be capable of taking control of a train?

Probably no
Question Author

I think your analogies are missing something.

I can drive a car but I would not necessarily be able to drive a bus, a WW2 pilot would not necessarily be able to pilot a modern airliner, or a steam train driver operate a modern diesel train.

So therefore it is not necessarily certain that an Airline Pilot or Train Driver could drive either a car or a bus.
I personally think the Olympics are a special case. It will not be business as usual bus drivers et al will be expected to cope with a huge incres in demand and undoubtedly short tempers (particularly from irate commuters who keep the service going only tofind they are bottom of the list - yet again).

The bus companies should have recognised this BEFORE it got to the blackmail stage.
Are the police and other emergency services getting a bonus for the Olympics? I can't see that they won't be busier, perhaps everyone should get a bonus, just because!
Question Author
Perhaps the best bonus for all of us is for Paris to have won the 2012 Olympics.

Then it would not have been too expensive or too difficult for all those who are interested to attend.
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Old Git

why did you introduce a 50 year differential?

What has that to do with the issue? Bus drivers aren't comparing their bonus with steam train drivers.

And how many airline pilots do you know who can't drive a car?
Why should they get a bonus just for going to work?
“...nothing much can go wrong until it's time for him to land.”

Now, now, AOG, let’s get it straight. Although air travel is extremely safe (so much so that it is far more dangerous driving to the airport than flying) when things do go wrong aircrew need to be highly skilled to avoid disaster. Here’s a couple of examples:

There are many more. Also, see how much skill is needed to land a 747 in high crosswinds and driving rain. Contrary to popular belief they do not land themselves.

At best bus drivers are “semi-skilled”. That is, it is a job most people could do with a small amount of training. Tube and train drivers require slightly more training, but again it is a job most of us could do. Most people could not pilot an airliner, even with considerable training.

However, back to the point. There is no earthly reason why anybody should receive a bonus for working normally during the Olympics and, as usual, transport employees are blackmailing their employers.
mightywba, totally agree
Exactly Judge.
Bus drivers are paid for driving a bus from A to B regardless of how many passengers they get or how long it takes.
Perhaps they should hand over some of their wages when the bus is empty.

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