UK's lack of success at the Eurovision Song Contest is because of racism.

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anotheoldgit | 12:57 Fri 22nd Jun 2012 | News
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So at last, now we know the reason our lack of success at the Eurovision Song Contest, it's all down to the racial background of the singers.

Does anyone really believe that this is the true reason?


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I'd say it's because our songs are rubbish..Especially the last effort!
Are you serious. What were they thinking when they put Englelbert Humperdinck up as their best shot?
Thank goodness Engelbert Humperdinck is only Anglo Indian, or he'd have done even worse!
Why don't we leave them to it...
It's just a rather silly circus.
What? Last instead of second last?
Don't know about racial background of the singers AOG, but certainly from day one definitely political.
Now why do I have the feeling that the song chosen for the UK this year was deliberately chosen to ensure we didn't win?? It couldn't have been less appealing!! It has become too much of a joke here, that no serious attempt is made to find a song that might have a chance. Ah well!
The political voting (countries voting for their neighbours) does not create the Winners.

The results of recent years shows that very clearly.

What it does do is spread a lot of votes across the mediocre middle of the table.

Mediocrity and derivitives is the name of the game at Eurovision. As we are the only one to take part of the two nations that dominate excellence and innovation in contemporary music, we should seriously consider whether it is appropriate for us to lower ourselves and put our self esteem at risk by taking part.

Would Ronaldo bother to waste his time and risk injury playing in a Pub Football Tournament?
No, it is simply becasue we are not European and as I have stated many times on here that is the way Europeans see the England. I have experenced this first hand - In europe.

One day these nutters that want us to be a part of this, ruled by Germany, will realize this. Probably when the panzers are driving down the Mall.
well it hasn't been a song contest for decades, has it?
The winners are just puppets on a string.
For many performers being chosen for Eurovision would be an embarrassment.

Your argument would be a good one...except for one tiny problem...

The UK by a country mile is the all time Eurovision champ.

Have a look if you don't believe me: can't be that we're not seen as European, can it?
Arguably the last 150 years of european history has been about the accommodation of France and Germany.

The trouble is, because we are so close to europe we have never managed to avoid the ensuing unpleasantness and we have paid a massive price in several bouts.

Hence the alternative idea that being 'involved in europe' and keeping it all harmonious was a lesser price to pay.
Not entirely. It helps to win if you do not consistently ener really crap songs by tuneless nobodies.

Your argument is as naff as our last entry. In the past Israel and Turkey have won it.
Before lesser known countries joined in, it was better, and our songs were better also. No one can convince me its not just neighbouring countries giving each other 12/10/8 points-probably on rota if anyone checked last 3/4 years scoring. France hate us, and probably in the entire Eurovision history havent given us more than 3 points, we havent had points from them for years. Since that stupid Scooch? song our emtries are cr.p, BBC should pull out of subsidising it, its been a joke for years.....
youngmafbog, whatever did you do to upset them, to have experienced "this" at first hand' ? :-) By way of contrast, I kept a home in France for some 40 years, and never experienced any hostility for being English, or any hostility towards the English, or do you mean something else by 'this' ? Or have you some other country or countries in mind, for your statement about Europe?

Americans are another matter; a good many of them are so loud and ignorant of how things are done, and what is accepted behaviour, in France, that they upset everyone. A few Britons are like that, too, in being insensitive to foreign ways..
I think it`s political. Our votes went right down the pan after we supported the Americans in the Iraq war and it`s been the same ever since. Britain`s music industry is the best in the world IMO and we don`t need the rubbish that is Eurovision.

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UK's lack of success at the Eurovision Song Contest is because of racism.

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