BREAKING NEWS: 6 UK Soldiers Missing In Afghanistan

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Philtaz | 10:16 Wed 07th Mar 2012 | News
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..believed killed whilst in their vehicle.

Terrible news.


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I heard that on the news (Beeb1) but no mention of them being killed. Hope not but is more than likely :(
/// Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said:
"I utterly condemn those responsible for this incident, who will ultimately fail to derail a mission that is protecting our national security at home and making real progress in Helmand province - a testament to the bravery, commitment and professionalism of our armed forces." ///

The usual pathetic statement that is issued each and every time one or more of our brave service personnel makes the ultimate sacrifice.

How long does it take to train Afghan troops to defend their own country? Our soldiers should be home in Britain, protecting our national security at home, not thousands of miles away in foreign lands.

"Making real progress in Helmand province"?????? utter rubbish it is no safer now that it was in 2001, and it will be even worse when the last troops move out.

We have lost 404 British men and women, in Afghanistan, whereas;

USA has lost 1783
Canada 158
France 82
Germany 56
Italy 46

Although nothing can excuse even one death from the coalition forces, but one has to ask, why is it that the US and Britain have made the greatest sacrifice?

Are these other countries politicians more concerned about their forces, so much so that they are not prepared to employ them in the danger zones?
"missing" is a slightly odd word to use of people whose vehicle has just blown up. It's not like they've trekked off into the jungle and vanished.
very sad :(
jno, the occupants may have been taken as prisoners/hostages before the vehicle was blown up, I however doubt that.

Perhaps there is no definite proof that they were in the vehicle at the time.

Perhaps they have been taken by the Taliban and the vehicle blown up.
I think it is protocol not to say they are kia until it is confirmed.
That won't be until the vehicle - and bodies are recovered.

Delayed probably because of concerns over secondary devices
I think Zeuhl's answer is probably right. But I still think "missing" isn't really the best word - why not just "believed dead"?
I think you're right jno

the correct term is 'Missing - Believed dead'
they're not really missing, though. I understand why they would prefer not to use more precise terms like eviscerated, of course, but the implication that "we don't know where they are" seems wrong (unless as aog suggests they really don't know if they were in the vehicle, which may just be the case).
/// David Cameron: soldiers' deaths 'desperately sad for our
country' ///

I would say it is 'desperately sad', for their families, you insensitive person.
I rather have the feeling that you would have criticised him if he had mentioned the deaths focusing solely on the impact they had had on the families, too.
On the news they said 'missing, presumed dead'
I've just seen Cameron's comments on the news, AOG.

He, indeed, mentions the families.......I trust your apology to Mr Cameron will be forthcoming?
It's interesting ...

If one soldier was killed each week for the next six weeks it would be raise no more than a minor platitude at PM's Question Time.

And that turn of events is not far from the reality for the worst phases of the mission.

Now six are killed in one go and it's a national event. Curious isn't it?

That's what comes of depending on the Left-Wing bias BBC.

I should stick to the Right-Wing press such as the Daily Mail they give the full facts.

From the Daily Mail report;

/// Speaking in Downing Street, Prime Minister David Cameron said: 'This is a desperately sad day for our country and desperately sad of course for the families concerned. ///

It's amazing what a difference conveniently missing out the full text can make to a statement. was reported by the BBC.
How sad and out of touch do you have to be to imagine that the most popular broadcast and news organisation in the country is 'left wing bias'?
I can just imagine Churchill making speeches expressing his condolences to the family every time a soldier was killed in WW2. He wouldn't have had much time left for cigars.
//I should stick to the Right-Wing press such as the Daily Mail they give the full facts.//

The comment of the week from AOG. I have just spluttered my tea over my keyboard.

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BREAKING NEWS: 6 UK Soldiers Missing In Afghanistan

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